Sherlock Holmes vs Iron Man

I don’t know how to make a poll. Simple question however.

Is Robert Downey Jr. better as Sherlock Holmes or Iron Man? My vote is for Sherlock Holmes, but I am biased (and yes I know there are other venues with him out there).

I just love a mystery where one has to think a bit - instead of eating popcorn and watching special effects.

When Downey was cast as Tony Stark, I thought that it was letter-perfect casting. In that film, and the subsequent Iron Man and Avengers films, he really came to own the role – the last line in the first movie, “I am Iron Man,” could have been said by Downey as much as it was said by Stark.

Marvel may make more movies featuring Iron Man after Downey steps down from the role, but they’d be foolish to try to recast the Tony Stark character. Also, I think it’s safe to say that the success of the first Iron Man film revived his career.

I enjoyed Downey’s Sherlock Holmes films, and it’s an interesting take on the character, but I truly think that Downey, himself, is better as Tony Stark.

RDJ fits Iron Man perfectly. He’s an adequate Sherlock Holmes.

Opinion: I thought Downey was a lousy Sherlock, and I thought his movies were lousy Homles movies. They were all flash, the thing you seem to be against in your post.

I like him as Stark. though I don’t have any history of reading the comics to see what he “should” be like. I enjoy how his genius is untempered by humility, but yet when Banner is around you can still tell he is afraid he’s no longer the smartest man in the room.

He’s a much different Sherlock than in the books or any other movie, though enjoyable.

He’s the best possible choice for Tony Stark, though. So Iron Man it is.

Iron Man, without question. His Holmes was interesting, but he IS Tony Stark.

Another vote for Iron Man here. His Iron Man movies are also more memorable than the Sherlock Holmes ones. (And he’s appeared as Iron Man in many more films than as Sherlock).

I don’t think there could have been a better choice for Tony Stark. I’m convinced that the casting of RDJr as Stark was what really gave the MCU it’s first major boost, and it wouldn’t have done nearly as well without him.

That said, I love his Sherlock Holmes too. His interpretation isn’t canon-accurate, but I’ve always loved the more action-oriented Holmes in some of the pastiches, so he was right up my alley. I like his version a lot more than Cumberbatch’s.

Stark. I enjoy his Sherlock too, but his Stark is terrific.

Iron Man…it’s not close.

All Sherlock for me. I liked the Iron man movies. I just don’t like them as much as I do the Holmes movies.

RDJ is Iron Man the same way Ian McKellen is Gandalf. So perfect for the role that is now how i picture the character in all media. Not bad as Holmes but he didn’t really stand out in the crowded Holmes genre.

For the record, the original Holmes books were plenty action-heavy, too.

Agreed. And Jeremy Brett is still the best Holmes. Action-heavy:

I think RDJ was born to play Iron Man. He was pretty good as Holmes, but he owns the role of Tony Stark.

Sidenote: I’m glad Don Cheadle inherited the part of Rhodey Rhodes. Terence Howard just didn’t do it for me.

RDJ isn’t even the best Sherlock in the MCU. He is Iron Man.

Sarah Halley Finn (MCU casting director) casted every movie except the Incredible Hulk and has a very good eye for roles, but none were more inspired than Downey.

Since I’ve never read Iron Man comics, I couldn’t really say, there. For me, Robert Downey is Iron Man since he is Iron Man. I (personally) know of no other.

I consider the Holmes movies featuring him to be Batman movies more than I do Sherlock Holmes movies. They’re a mix of fisticuffs and detective work by a lone crime fighter. And, despite living as a detective in a small flat, RDJ’s portrayal does a better job of coming across like being a wealthy playboy than like a cranky, brainiac hermit.

Personally, I consider the first Sherlock film with RDJ to be the best Batman movie ever produced. But so far from being a Sherlock Holmes film that I can’t even rank it on that scale.


Iron Man: 10/10?
Batman: 8/10
Holmes: 2?/10

Well, I’m gonna have to go with Iron Man on this one. I mean, he could just pick Sherlock up off the street, fly real high and then drop him to his death. Or he could punch him really, really hard. But why are they fighting in the first place? Were they tricked by a bad guy, or is one of them being mind-controlled or something?

Iron Man it is. Even ignoring their parallel histories of substance abuse and massive Egos, he just resonated extremely well with the role. His Holmes is just one of many valid interpretations. That being said, there is no real comparison to other Iron Men, while we had a number of impressive Holmeses.