Shimmying car - unbalanced tires?

After three days of being plowed in, I am finally able to go to the store. My car now has a shimmy above 40 miles per hour. I’m thinking (hoping) that one or more of my tires has lost its little weights and is now unbalanced. I can’t think of anything I hit that might have broken anything.

What say you, auto-dopers?

Mine turned out to be low pressure in one tire. You don’t want to know the rest of the story.

Snow may be packed into the wheel, upsetting the balance. Carefully blasting the wheels with a carwash wand could clean it off and if you dry them(the tire&wheel)before driving away, your problem might be solved

vibrating car also = tire that needs to be replaced because it’s worn down unevenly. If you look and don’t notice wear, (or ice in the wheel well, I had that happen once too) it’s time to have a professional look at it.

The tires are rather new, so I don’t think it is uneven wear, and it just started after this storm.

I checked for ice in the wheel well, there is none.

There may be ice in the wheel, I’ll look at that.

I’ll have a professional look at it monday. I have something work-related that I have to hang around the house for today. :frowning: Until then I’m just looking for answers here.

The tires didn’t *look *low to me, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t.

Very true. The one of mine that had a nail in was meant to be at 38psi but was at 22psi when I discovered the problem a few days ago and 18psi when I checked them on Friday. Only the fact that the car drifted like there was an 80 knot cross wind gave any clue, the tires looked fine although they are low profile which may be more deceptive.

You haven’t said anything to rule out a balance problem, and getting the balance checked is generally pretty painless, so I’d try that third. First, check for ice in the wheel. Second, check the pressure.

Have you ever used “Fix a Flat” or something similar? Could be that it puddled and then froze. Could also be a small amount of water inside a tire that has frozen, wouldn’t take much. If vibration goes away when it warms up, either of those things could be the cause.
If the tires were frozen to the ground, or you otherwise had to experience any rough handling when you freed it from the snow, it could be that you knocked the front wheels out of alignment. You might also be right about losing weights, but 40mph. is pretty slow for a shimmy to show up, unless you had some seriously, out or balance, problem before the snow incident.

No, no fix a flat. The tires are pretty new and haven’t had any problems like that.

I would sure vote on the Ice in(on) the rims. Even the wand will have a hard time with clearing ice from the backsides of the rims on some styles. make sure its plenty warn-hot water.
Happens all the time here in Minnesota.

Yet another vote for snow in your wheels or hubcaps. It can be tough to discover, tough to clean out, and because it’s down there in the dark it doesn’t melt easily. A brushless car wash with an undercarriage spray might clean it out, or at least heat up enough of your car to begin melting it loose.

Musta been ice. The shimmy is gone today. :slight_smile:

Glad I didn’t take it right to the shop like I was thinking about (I have a long drive on Tuesday and I didn’t want to wait until the last minute)