Tires Not Balanced Properly?


I have a little Toyota truck- I recently got the tires rotated (about 3 weeks ago) and supposedly balanced. However, shortly after I got them rotated, I noticed my truck was shimmying when I went between 25-40 mph. The “shimmy” lasts for 15-30 seconds and then quiets down, only to be back a few moments later. Its still very driveable and does not shimmy at all at higher speeds. I don’t want to take them back to the tire place and have them look at me like I’m stupid- but does it sound reasonable that they were not balanced properly and need to be re-done? Either way I get it done for free- I’ve gone to the same tire place for 10 years and never had a problem like this before but I don’t want to look like the car moron I am :rolleyes: .

Yes, take it back and get them looked at, anyway.

Either they put the wheelweights in the wrong place, you have bis-ply and radials mixed (though God only knows why anybody would have bias-ply tires anymore), or you have a severe suspension problem.

Or, your transmission could be coming apart, but start with the simple stuff first. :slight_smile:


Thanks, hopefully its not my transmission - I just put in a new clutch two months ago and that was $500. All my tires are the same type (if thats what you meant by mixing radials with whatever.

I will have them check it out, thanks.

Make sure they spin-balance. I’m not sure anyone even does a static balance any more, but you never know. Sounds to me like they didn’t bother re-balancing.

if your shimmy appears at 35± bring the machine up to 70± and see if it appears again.

Imbalance conditions often repeat harmonically.

If it shimmys ONLY at the one speed it could be loose tie rod ends,ball joints or wheel bearings.

Also-----you might have"thrown" a weight rthe last time you hit a pothole in the road.

Check the whole front geometry for looseness------and yes-------go back to the shop and have them re-check their lead work!