Ship Deck Part Question

What is the name for the tuba-bell shaped thing you see on ship decks? Is it some sort of vent?


I would call it a cowl or a dorade.* Though dorade is technically an apparatus to let air in and keep water out, people tend to refer to the on-deck cowls as dorades.

*This is yachtie talk. Don’t know about big ships.

I was hoping there was a fancier name than just ‘ventilator’. Thanks.

And without those, the snipes would surely die.

In the engine room of a typical steam powered warship, there are dozens of elephant-trunk-like ducts that blast great volumes of fresh from the surface into the sweltering heat of the engine room. In one of the plant manuals on my ship there was a chart showing minutes without ventilation on the X axis vs. temperature on the Y axis. According to the chart, within ten minutes of loss of ventilation while underway the temperature would reach 130 degrees F and continue increasing.

Occasionally an air particulate detector (airborne radioactivity detector) would go off, triggering an alarm. The SOP was to shut off all ventilation and don gas masks. The short time that ensued, while further air samples were taken, was unpleasant. I recall that our gas masks quickly developed a perfectly airtight sweat seal — you would bend over to read a gauge and all the sweat would pool in the face mask. Ugh.