Shipping time from Maryland, US to Conception Bay Canada via USPS International

I have a Canadian eBay buyer tapping his foot that his shipment sent out on 3/22 has not arrived via USPS International (non-Priority).

Looking at this location > Conception Bay South NL Canada, he appears to be out on an island off the Canadian coast. I told him it could be 10-14 days till it arrives based on where he appears to be located.

Should he have his package in 7 days or is 10-14 more reasonable?

YMMV. I’ve received packages from Canada that took three weeks because of going thru Customs. I’ve also received them inside a week. I wouldn’t get antsy unless it took over a month. But that’s just me.

The time it takes a package to clear customs is hugely variable. They might even be waiting on the recipient to pay taxes on the package. You might have them contact their post office to see if they know anything. Couldn’t hurt.

Did you mean 4/22? Or has it really been over five weeks, and another one or two to go?

I live in Newfoundland. It takes forever. I routinely add several days to estimated shipping within Canada, and US shipping I just assume will show up eventually.

Sorry 4/22/13 ship date. He’s wondering why it isn’t there yet and is calling his post office to see what the hangup is. He wants me to trace it on my end.

I’ve resisted pointing out to him he’s out in the middle of the ocean halfway to Geenland.

After a month I’d be worried. Until then it could be 4 days or 4 weeks.

USPS says International Priority to Canada takes 6-10 business days (so up to 2 weeks in calendar days). But you’re not using Priority, you’re using a service that costs roughly half as much. “Eventually” sounds like a good estimate.

USPS first class is not traceable outside the US. So if he wanted to be able to track it he’s an idiot for choosing that shipment method.

Assuming this isn’t a letter, it has a customers number so you can find out if it left the country yet.

I’d tell the customer it can take up to a month to clear customers and the shipping time is up to ten days so if he hasn’t received his package in 5 weeks you’d be happy to investigate further, until then he can get bent.

My daughter lives in Canada. Our experience has been that the USPS gets a package to the border station in a day or so. From there to its destination can take as much as a week or two. My daughter tells me that is her experience with Canada Post when mailing entirely within Canada, also.

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