Canada Customs problem on shipping and delivery.

On Monday April 16th 2012, I bought a guitar through eBay and paid via PayPal. The guitar arrived in a timely matter in Vancouver CanadaCustoms on Fiday April 20th 2012 at 1:25PM. According to the tracking number, the said guitar has been sitting in CanadaCustoms “to be reviewed” ever since. Today is Friday April 27th 2012, so the “reviewing” so far has taken over a week. Does anyone know exactly what they mean by “to be reviewed”? I’m thinking everyone “working” for, or employed by, CBSA Vancouver is getting to try out my guitar. I’m getting almost physically sick over this crap. Now when I call CanadaCustoms in Vancouver, I’m told that the shipment is in Canada Postal Services hands…okay then, when I call Canada Post, they say it is in CBSA’s hands. Each Canadian Federal service is blaming the other for who’s lack of responsibility? Where is my new guitar now? What is the deal here? Anybody who might have a clue please reply to this.

Maybe you shoulda called Captain Kirk up to get Scotty to look into this anomaly. If Scotty’s too busy, then get Mr.Spock to figure it out. I’m waiting for either CanadaCustoms or Canada Post to “review” my new guitar that’s been apparently at CanadaCustoms “to be reviewed”, for over a week now. Customs says it’s in Canada Post’s hands while Canada Post is saying it’s in Customs “to be reviewed”. It’s ALL an anomaly in my view. Both CanadaCustoms and Canada Post could F*#^! up an anvil.

  1. You probably would have been a lot better off starting a new thread rather than replying to a four year old thread that is only marginally related to your issue.

  2. Getting stuff through customs sometimes sucks. That’s just the way the world works. In the future, try to deal with companies that have a lot of experience with this sort of thing. Sometimes if they know what they are doing it speeds things up. One wrong line on a form can cause your stuff to sit for weeks.

  3. You might want to switch to decaf, or perhaps take a course in stress management. Just a suggestion.

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samclem, Moderator

Hate to break it to you but long waits to be cleared by customs is normal for Canada, I used to sell classic video games and other stuff on ebay and the quickest anything I shipped to Canada cleared customs was one week after arriving in customs. One time it took more than three weeks, the customer was getting angry but there was nothing I could do.

I feel your pain.

Some years ago I took my kid up to a hockey camp in Ontario. I get a call from him that his skates don’t fit. I order a pair of skates to be sent to the camp from a place in Boston. They tell me that they send stuff to Canada, no problem. The next thing I know is that the skates haven’t arrived and I get a call from Canadian customs in Montreal. They want the GST and PST tax and customs fees. At least they were willing to take a credit card.

Weeks later when I pick my kid up to go home I stop at customs to let them know that we are taking the skates back so that we can recover the GST and the PST. I file the forms and they deny the refund. They really are a bunch of assholes.

Canada is the USA’s largest trading partner. It shouldn’t be like this. The whole arrangement is stupid, stupid, stupid.

Aside: There are no more insufferable people than French Canadians. They are more French than the French. The whole bunch of them need an attitude adjustment. Canada should just pack them up and send them to France. I’ve done a lot of traveling all over the world and have never been treated as rudely as I have been in Quebec.

Well, that’s nice, dear. You’ll be happy to learn that that we’re treated rudely when traveling to Paris, so at least some real French folks are still ahead of us.