Blech. FEDEX "clearance delay"

I had some books and other items sent to current home in China from the US. It arrived in my city on Thursday but is being held up for some reason. When I called the local FEDEX office today the guy gave me some run-around about them “not working on the weekend.” Yeah, but it arrived here on Thursday at 2am. You guys had all day Thursday and all day Friday to deliver my parcel. What’s the deal? “We’ll send it today.” ::click:: He didn’t even ask for the tracking number or details or my name, so I’m wondering how they’ll “send it today” when they don’t even know which one it is. It cleared customs in Beijing, so I can’t imagine it’s being held up for any serious reason. Probably just lazy fedex workers.

Please share any similar or worse stories you may have while I wait for my parcel to arrive.

You don’t want to see the thread on MacFrums about people waiting for their computers to arrive, then.

UPS put a computer board worth about $350 in my portable grill. It was a memory and a real time clock board so that tells you how long ago. No internet and tracking like now. They put a note on my door that said left package. I searched all over outside. Days later I found it when I went to grill supper. Luckily I opened the grill before lighting it to warm up.

Like mine?

As this thread points out, shipping companies have absolutely no reason to bring stuff to you earlier than their estimate.

I’m just curious as to why it’s been delayed for the past few days. It’s already here in my city, I’d just like to know why the hell it hasn’t been released yet. The guy on the phone was no goddamn help at all.