Shivved myself with a makeshift grapefruit spoon!

Some days things just never go right.
So, I was trying to eat a grapefruit half. All I have is a plastic spoon. Plastic spoon? I’ll just pull my Leatherman out and give it a whittle…

So there I am whittling away, little plastic shavings everywhere, when the inevitable thing happens. See, whittled plastic is sharp and jagged. And I’m holding the damn thing all wrong. Next thing I know, my thumb is hurting like a motherfuck and there’s blood everywhere!

Well, can’t let little things like massive slices in my thumb stop me from whittling the perfect grapefruit spoon. So I continued–with a great deal of bleeding and swearing, granted–but finally it’s got a satisfactory point. Now I can get back to eating my grapefruit. So I pick it up and dig in…

…promptly squeezing grapefruit juice into my giant, oozing cut. :smack:
I think I should just go back to bed right now.

Shivved yourself? You don’t happen to be in a place where all your flat-mates wear matching uniforms, do you? :dubious:

Creative license, man, creative license. I don’t think I’d get to keep my leatherman if I got sent to the slammer.

Uh, Giant_Spongess, if you want pink grapefruit, you can buy it that way. No need to tint it at home. I’m pretty sure no blood is required.

::cringing in sympathetic pain::

speaking as someone who has cut herself open on both ketchup and an orange juice carton you have my every sympathy.

Just don’t tell anyone in real life. They’ll just mock :wink:

“I once removed a guy’s appendix with a grapefruit spoon.”


Nothing to add to the OP (It sounds like one of those episodes which got Oz cancelled), but I just wanted to say that this was my favorite quote from Ronin too.