…is a sanctimonious, disingenuous gutless little fuck.

This thread was a discussion of the many problems which have already been documented about the Diebold touch-screen voting machines. Several of us expressed concern about the inaccuracies of the system and said that we wanted a more reliable system or at least a paper trail.

Then Shodan came slouching loathsomely into the thread and decided all by himself that Kerry supporters didn’t really care about accuracy and that we were only “laying the groundwork” for a defeat.

I said repeatedly that I care more about accuracy than I do about winning. I said I’d rather lose fairly than win unfairly. I also repeatedly asked Shodie if he wasn’t jus a little worried about the accuracy of these machines considering all the fuck ups they’ve already had.

Shodan’s response is to keep calling me a liar about what I really believe, insisting in a shrill, piping voice that I don’t give a shit about the integrity of our democracy and that I will only care about accuracy if I lose.

Shodie also has still not addressed questions about the reliability of the machines.

That’s because he’s a fucking moral and intellectual coward who has no real defense and so his only recourse is to tell himself that the other side doesn’t really care. If the other side DOES care, he has no fucking argument and his worldview collapses. He simply can’t accept that someone can be a passionate liberal and still give a fuck about the integrity of the democratic system.

It’s also a way to spinelessly avoid the real question and seems to completely MISS the point that some of us are asking NOW for a system that we know will be accurate. We are not asking retroactively. We want it NOW before the election. If not a new system we want a paper trail. So how does tha jibe with Shodan’s self-delusion about us not wanting a fair count? Shodan is the only one who DOESN’T seem to want a fair fight.

Please take note also at the incredibly unwarranted sanctimony in Shodan’s posts. Notice how he smugly sets himself up as an impartial observer of events while all his opponents in the debate are dishonest, insincere partisan shills. Notice that his evidence for this scenario is his own personal say-so.

Shodan is one of the most mindless, un-nuanced, predictable, robotic, party-line Republicans drones on this board. His credibility for calling partsanship on others is fucking non-existent, yet he has decided all by himself what his opponents do and do not really care about and what they SAY they care about is of no concern to Shodan. He has his worldview and his worldview must not be disturbed or his fucking head will explode.

And what kind of chickenshit debate tactic is it to keep telling your opponent that he doesn’t really believe what he says he believes?

Shodan, put up or shut up, you fucking little prick. I am saying NOW that I want a machine that is accurate, and that my own political ideology is not as important to me as the democratic system itself. Can you say the same thing, you little fuck? I don’t think so. Are you willing to call RIGHT NOW for a system that’s 100% accurate or are you willing to rely on a system with demonstrated flaws. Your answer to this will dictate your motives which is why you won’t answer it.

Fuck you, Shodan.

If you’ve never met him in person, how do you know he’s little?

Anyway, I’m no fan of computerized voting machines, nor do I find Shodan quite the most intellectually honest poster around these parts, but I find your constant obscenity-laden tirades against those with whom you disagree wearying in the extreme. Why do you find it so bloody difficult to state a point without spewing ad hominems left right and center?

I have not read the linked thread, and therefore have no opinion, but I think the title of this thread should have been “Regards, Shodan”.

I was actually going to come in here and defend Shodan: much as his politics vex me, he’s intelligent and eloquent, and often presents his viewpoint in an interesting manner.

But you’re right, Diogenes. If he never lets off another of his hypocritical accusations of partisanship again, it’ll be too soon. Fellow needs to swear off that rhetorical device for good.


I do not spew ad hominems in GD, and I am not pitting Shodan for disagreeing with me, I’m pitting him for being an intellectually dishonest debater and for calling me a liar about my own opinions. I am quite capable of carryin on a debate without resorting to personal attacks or obsecenities, so fucky you, asshole.

I am usually on Shodan’s side politically, but he has taken leave of his senses with this one. It is in everybody’s interest to have an accurate count. That is, after all, what America is all about.

Diogenes, you called this one right.

I just wanted to see that again.


Hey, sorry to cramp your style. You want to undermine any legitimate points you make by sounding like Eminem on crank, that’s up to you.

BTW, don’t worry: I expect to get a good fucking sometime in the next 48 hours; Monday at the outside. But thanks for thinking of me!

It was a joke, dumbass. I was aware of the irony.

Won’t your poor partner be hoping for a good fucking? How sad for them that they get you.

:eek: :smiley: :wally

As the head of Diebold has made comments about wanting to deliver the election to Bush, the well covered flaws in the voting machines are even more chilling.


Issues about the voting machines:

Well, I had my doubts. Wasn’t entirely sure, friend Diogenes has been a bit stressed of late, a mite tetchy. Might have over-reacted. Until I read the post, and all doubt fled.

Repulsive. Entirely repulsive, not so much as a hint of polite regard, a straight-forward, unadultered, 100% pure-D partisan slam.

Shoddy, Diogenes is a bud, a comerado. I hold his opinions, and his intentions, in high regard. But, just as I said, I was willing to give you the benefit of a doubt, he’s been a bit cranky of late, his tolerance for foolishness worn away.

But when I read what you said to provoke this entirely justified Pitting, its a damn-slunk. Hands down, no contest. I entirely concur.

Diogenes wipes and flushes more integrity than you’ve ever had.

And the horse upon in which you rode.

And I was aware that you were aware…aw, fuck it.

And Mockingbird, I’m slightly disappointed in the banality of your retort. If you want to compete with the Olympic-class shit-flingers around here, you really need to be a bit more inventive.

But I guess I’d better stop, since I’m apparently distracting y’all from the issue at hand, which is the poopyness of Shodan’s pants. Which, as the OP so eloquently states, in this case are very poopy indeed.

“…here at the first round of the Shit Put competition, the Canadian team has tossed the turd a respectable 17.5 meters, putting them in contention for the silver. And here comes the American entry, Shodan…Not quite sure what he’s doing there. Frank?”

“He’s genuflecting towards the Holy City of Crawford, a prayer to the Shining One…”

“Ah, a religious gesture! Well, he’s applying the resin, hefting the rectum biscuit, a serious competitor here, got his game face on, he steps to the line, he flings…”

“Jumping Jehosophat! It’s sailed over the judges table, over the crowd, out of the arena and is entering a low Earth orbit…!!”

“And the crowd is going wild!”…

It will be quite fun when Kerry wins and all those hear-no-evil, see-no-evil Republicans like Shodan come to the conclusion that the election votes are all inaccurate, due to faulty machines.

The Dems may be hypocritical and say nothing (as Shodan believes will happen) but they certainly won’t be alone in their hypocricy. And at least the Democrats will be in a better position because they can say they tried to fix the problems beforehand.

Just so you don’t think you have been forgotten, I will be leaving on vacation shortly and will be deprived of the pleasure of your company for a while.

And to clarify a couple of points:
[ul][li]I do not think that everyone in the linked thread is a partisan hysteric with serious anger management problems. Just Diogenes.[/li]
[li]My position is that the aforementioned is too blinded by his hatred for all things Republican to accurately judge his own motives. There are other posters with whom he shares this characteristic. I tend to discount what they say about their motives for their latest rants as well. [/li]
[li]It has been stated here and in the linked thread that I am offering no evidence for my belief that much of the discussion about election methods is driven by partisanship. This is wrong. I mentioned the famous Florida ballots of 2000, which were approved in advance by both the Republican and Democratic parties. Then the Democrat lost, and suddenly the ballot was unacceptable.[/li]
[li]You people keep giving me examples of why what I say is true. BrainGlutton, in the linked thread, agrees (very strongly) with me that election methods are a partisan issue. Why? Because two Democrats lost. Mockingbird does the same in this thread. Why are the Diebold machines unacceptable? Because Diebold is a Republican. [/li]
[li]Look, Diogenes, you’re an idiot. You’re one of the people on the SDMB for whom I have the least respect. You’re practically a poster child for hysterical partisanship. Is it any wonder that I find it hard to accept at face value your latest assertion that you are really operating only from the highest motives in your latest objections, given that practically every other thing you have ever written in GD or the Pit shows you to be the jerkiest of knee-jerk liberals? [/ul][/li]
You’re claiming to be non-partisan? I. Don’t. Believe. You. Not for an instant.

Now, as to the allegation that I am completely un-biased here, be so kind as to cut and paste where I made that claim in the linked thread.

Let’s try a little experiment.

There is no system that is 100% accurate, so calls for that are a waste of time.

But it is more important to me that the results be as accurate as possible than that Bush wins.

Do you believe me?


By calling him a liar about his opinions?

While I’m not questioning your desire for a fair count, I sure get the feeling that you wouldn’t protest a miscount in Kerry’s favor with the same fervor that you’d protest a miscount in Bush’s favor. But that’s not quite the same thing as what Shodan’s saying.

And put me down for paper ballots, please.

You aren’t worthy of originality or creativity, nor do you show any.

And I don’t know who you are, nor do I know why today you decided to get all torqued up over little 'ol me, nor, admittedly, do I much care.

Actually, it pretty much is.


Hm. Can’t speak to the motives of anyone else in this or the linked threads, but if you had the intellectual ability and honesty of the average houseplant you’d figure out that the reason Diebold machines are unacceptable is because they are buggy as shit, vulnerable to attack and leave no verifiable paper trail.

Voting machines blasted by scientists

Is it really so much to ask that in a presidential election there be something on paper? Christ, I expect an accurate receipt from the pump at the gas station, should I hold a voting machine to a lower standard?

When the fuck did I claim that? I keep saying I AM a partisan but that accuracy is more important to me than my partisanship? WTF is so hard to understand about that?

It’s implicit in your charges of partisanship in others. It’s a pot-kettle-black kind of thing.

This is a chickenshit answer but it’s my fault for giving you the loophole. Let me rephrase the question:

would you like to see a paper trail for the Diebold machines to ensure that the count is accurate as possible? If not, why not?

Only if you’re willing to back up your assertion by calling for a paper trail.

When did I do that?

Think again. You can bet your ass I would. All partsanship would go out the window for me in the face of a corrupted vote system.

Now if only we can Get Shodan on board for that.