Shoe camera for picture up girl's skirt

First of all, I really didn’t believer shit like this actually happened. I thought mirror shined shoes for looking up girls dresses etc. were just jokey stuff you heard when you were a kid.

Plus he could easily see a picture up Britney’s skirt anytime he wanted. She, very conveniently, didn’t even wear any underpants.

In any case, I actually have a question here: Is this poor dumb loser now considered a sexual predator? Will he have to register as a sex offender? This would almost seem like overkill for this sad brainless idiot.

I didn’t know where this belonged so I just stuck it here.

Not the first time. This case was a few years ago, but the man’s name does not appear on California’s Megan’s Law database. I can’t find any updates to the story, either.

I’d say so. What did you think he was going to do with the video of a ten-year-old girl’s crotch? Burn it? And it’s only overkill if you’re not her parent.

Sorry I meant to add an excerpt:

Of course he will have to register as a sex offender and predator. What else is he?

From his photo, he is certainly not the brightest progeny on the Greenvwood altar. Unfortunately that does not preclude one from being dangerous.

You can tell all that from the photo? I mean, yeah, it looks creepy, but not necessarily stupid. Besides, considering the context, it’s not like any picture of him was going to look all that inviting.

If you click on the picture you can get the whole story. He most definitely is pretty stupid.

Cat Fight I think you misunderstand me. I could care less what happens to this sadsack. I’m more wondering whether putting a guy of the list for this kind of idiocy could actually lower the impact of the sexual predator list. (Or whatever it’s called.)

This almost seems more laughable than anything else, but I guess as Chief Pedant says it doesn’t mean the guy isn’t dangerous.

I can’t figure out why someone (no matter how stupid) would do this when I assume you can get whatever you want somewhere on the web.

Google for “upskirt”.

Sure he could just hop on a search engine and get all the upskirt action he’d ever need but that doesn’t give him the thrill of doing something illegal and dangerous(is looking at underage upskirts on the net illegal, provided there is no nudity?). I could watch skydiving vids all day on Youtube but that doesn’t even begin to approach the thrill of actually skydiving.

This loser’s reputation is already irreparably damaged so I would be against putting him on any sex offender’s list, especially for something so utterly pathetic. I’m a parent and I find it ridiculous that I can find how many sexual predators reside in my daughter’s neighborhood but I’m shit out of luck if I’d like to know if her next door neighbors were murderers.

Then you misunderstand the nature of his perversion and the harm that his act can do to the little girl emotionally.

What does this have to do with Bill Richardson?

Anyway, I’m surprised the guy didn’t just buy a ready-made shoe camera at

Maybe they’ll start inspecting shoes for this at airports.

The story is off the front page. HERE’s the direct link for anyone who hasn’t seen it.

Japan, ever the leader in miniaturization, is already there.

Bank worker busted for photographing up woman’s skirt

In the interest of fighting ignorance: What harm can his act do?

If this looser moves to another city nobody will know about him at all. The news sites will take down his photo and who is to say that he is that guy or just someone with the same name. Heck if the looser stays in the same city, news will move on and only people that know him now will remember he is that guy.

:rolleyes: I’m sure this little girl is resilient enough to not be emotionally damaged by something like this.