Shoggoth Questions

A few questions on shoggoths:

What do shoggoths feel like other then jellyish?

What do shoggoths sound like?

How do shoggoths move?

What do shoggoths smell like?

What do shoggoths eat?

Nasty, cold, and like having digestive juices poured over your skin

Anything they want, but they usually communicate with a high-pitched warbling whistle, like a rookery of giant albino penguins.

Much faster than you would think.

Decaying fish with a chemical undertone.

Anything remotely organic.

The sound like strange piping and tekili.

As for the rest of your questions I’lll refer you to Elizabeth Bear’s “Shoggoth’s in Bloom” which was published last year. It’s not properly Lovecraftian but it does feature a lot of details about their supposed biology.

From At The Mountains of Madness; a shoggoth flowing down a tunnel towards the protagonist.

Watch the Kurt Russell version of The Thing. That’s a shoggoth.*

*It is TOO! You can’t tell me otherwise! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala!

  1. Acid. Not the fun kind.

  2. H.P. Lovecraft as through Michael Shea. “The Shoggoth Lord stumbleth unto his belusted, lo, he cometh heavily upon her, upon alien feet. From the sunless sea, from under the mountains of ice, cometh the mighty Shoggoth Lord unto her.”

  3. They stumbleth, unless leaping spry as a cat on pachydermous legs.

  4. Unspecified, but presumably acid.

  5. “…sweet heedless trollop”.

All facts culled from “Fat Face”, by Michael Shea.

Also a genuinely beautiful story in its own right - would not have through that shoggoths could be made into sympathetic characters, but these guys are.

The mad scientists at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab offer a “Shoggoth” scent, from “A Picnic In Arkham: The Lovecraft Collection”

Other eldritch concoctions available here–if you dare!

Or you could listen to the Dunwich Children`s Chorale sing about them.

Damn your eyes, detop.

Now I’m going to spend another three hours on YouTube…

(I had a shoggoth, he pleased me, but he drove me to insanity.
And the shoggoth said Tekeli-li)

I read that story after it was posted here and I’m impressed.

I wasn’t impressed with “Shoggoths in Bloom” the first time I read it; I thought it was a bit trite. Then I read it as a response to Lovecraft’s xenophobia and it made the whole thing click for me.

Bear won the Hugo award this year for that story and it was well deserved.

Wow. That is an amazing story – thanks for the link.

Shoggoth make terrible housepet!!!

We all serve the Dread Lords in our own ways :smiley: