Shooting Mice with a Crossbow

Not what you’re thinking!

This year I took Pepper Mill and MilliCal to the Salem Pirate Fair ( ). Pepper had never been before, although I’ve brought MilliCal to several of these. Lots of anachronistic fun, shoved into a small space on Winter Island.

One of the things on sale was a tiny wooden crossbow, meant for shooting tiny marshmallows or Nerf Darts. We bought two – one for MilliCal and one for our immature friend for Christmas.

I was playing around with MilliCal’s last night. Not having any marshmallows or Nerf Darts, I was looking for something non-lethal to shoot. Since we have cats, our floors are littered with cat toys. Especially tiny cloth mice. I stuck one of these in, cocked the string, and fired. Hestia, our Teen Punk cat, was galvanized – the Mouse was Running! I gathered up the remaining mice and fired them off, one by one, to her immense delight.
I don’t think she’ll chase the marshmallows.

Strangely enough, my first thought when I saw the title was pretty close in theme - at our Renaissance Faire, we’ve got a game called “Shoot the Pi-Rats” or something like that.