How daft is this as a sport?

I keep wondering if they will blow the head of the one just in front of them in frustartion.

If there is no better advertisment for why “Joe Average” should not have a gun under the bed Olympic shooting is it. These are the “best” and they miss more often then the want to.

How is shooting things a sport?

It’s a hard skill to learn and more entertaining than synchronized diving.

And if someone is killed in a horrible accident, maybe more people will attend next time. Like NASCAR.

Good greif how is it more entertaining then synchronised diving? Synchronised swimming I will give you (that is kinda creepy). I would imagine syncronised diving takes a shit load more training too… It isn’t just one person with a gun.

Nothing is more entertaining than synchronized diving.

Well after watching the shooting (closest NZ has come to medal yet) and the synchronised diving (where I have NO national interest) I have to say the synchronised diving is very cool!

Shooting is too boring to mention and I’m struggling to see how it could even vaguely be a sport.

Do you have the same problem with archery?

No I don’t. Maybe I’m just not rational. Archery seems like an “age old” skill like discus or shot put or javelin.

Shooting seems like someone with a gun.

Depending on the gun, those targets are awfully small. Like 2 inches in diameter.


Have you ever tried to shoot a target from a distance? I’m not being defensive, just curious.

So it is a teensy diameter sport?

I’ve never shot a gun in my life, but the shooting I’ve seen in the Olympics looks like it involves an incredible level of skill- all about controlling nerves, breathing, muscles - and having a plateau of consistency that puts a winning performance on a par with almost any other sport you could mention.

It certainly isn’t the best for the spectators, I’ll grant that. But it is highly competitive and as much a sport as any other, IMHO.

With a gun? No!

I was an au pair in Israel and I got to put the guns away in the hall cupboard :smiley: . That is my only gun touching experience.
I did do archery as a teenager. The target seemed very far away.

I have never done the high jump, sprinted, rowed or dived either but they still seem like sports to me.

Have you ever tried to hit anything with a target pistol ? It’s pretty damn hard to do, even if you’re competent with long guns. It’s even harder to do well, harder still to do consistently and when you’re under pressure, it gets about twice as hard again.

Olympic shooters miss because the bar is set very high, of course. Barely competent shooters may very well miss with every round under the same circumstances.

As for shooting being a sport, well - target shooting as practiced at the Olympics demands a heckuva lot of body & major mind control. If your stance, posture, grip, breathing and mental focus is not absolutely top-notch, you will start missing shots.

“Joe Average” and his gun under the bed has nothing to do with Olympic shooting. Olympic shooters use guns and techniques that are very, very far from tactical shooting.

You’re right about one thing, though: It’s incredibly, soul-numbingly boring to watch.

And it is the last time the womans trap will be there, So maybe I’m not alone.

I have a friend who is an avid shooter and won many a metal for the Merchant Marines.

He’s now the head coach (or actually the assistant head coach, I think) and he’s been practicing to get his skills up. So far, for three weeks, all he’s done is hold the gone and ‘practice’ shoot, which means he hasn’t fired the gun yet. He does this for several hours.

Eventually he wants to be good enough to make the Olympics next time the come around.

I’ve been shooting with him a few times, and while it may look easy, it most certainly isn’t. While I’m struggling to get all my shots on the paper, my friend is rather easily shooting bullets through the same holes.

The accuracy he has amazes me.

I’ve heard that the Biathalon is one of the most popular of Olympic sports worldwide. You wouldn’t know it by watching American coverage though. :frowning:

I didn’t say no skill was involved. I just said I didn’t think it was a sport or Olympic-ish :smiley:

What do I know thoug?. The best thing I watched today was the white water kayaking (I don’t know it’s official name) it seemed as unlikely but far more interesting.

I also loved watching the cross country equestrian so I might just be a hypocrite, but to me shooting doesn’t belong.

Popular and kinda creepy. “I ski long distances alone through the woods… then I shoot things with a sniper rifle…”

Calm, Kiwi. Are you concerned that they’re going to snap like a twig and go Postal at the Olympics, or just concerned that the best shots in the world have trouble making the most difficult shots in the world?

Points for awareness!

Shooting at Olympic level is unbelievably difficult. It takes nerves of steel and talent far beyond that of norms. As for it not belonging in the Olympics…if we remove any sports that evolved from martial arts, then you have to get rid of javelin, wrestling, judo, etc. The “sports” that *really * don’t belong are things like rhythmic gymnastics, all equestrian events, beach volleyball for Og’s sake!, basketball, baseball, soccer, synchronized anything, and anything that involves “artistic merit” as part of the score.

It seems more like an irrational opinion that you have. You say shooting doesn’t belong but you don’t give any real reason. Doesn’t seem like a sport? Neither does Equestrian, Weight Lifting, or Archery. Not an “age old” skill? Neither is Table Tennis, Volleyball, or Baseball. You are entitled to your opinion, nothing wrong with that. The faults you bring up though, could be applied to many other Olympic sports.

A bit of my family history for you. In the 1896 Olympics, two of my relatives won gold medals in shooting events. John Paine in the service revolver @ 25m and Sumner Paine in the free revolver @ 30m. My grandmother currently has the medals.