Shooting one's self in the foot.

I shot myself in the foot by having an idea for my 3000th post, then getting rid of my 2999th post, and then doing a search, finding that 89 other dopers had the same idea.

How have you shot yourself in the foot in the past, at work, at home, at the pub, or on the SDMB?

[sub](This is my 3000th post.)


Happy 3000th, Lobby my boy!

My advice: Don’t play with guns!

What was your idea, anyway? I want to know!

Took you long enough to make 3k. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not very interesting I’m afraid samarm - The title was “explain your name” in which I asked dopers to explain their username.

I developed an interest in the origins of the names of the dopers I had sort of got to know lately (kambuckta, Ice Wolf, Coldfire, you, Happy Lenderever, Tony Montana etc…) Then I thought "why not create a post about it. Then I found 89 reasons why not.
Well my decision to linger on 3000 lasted a long time didn’t it! (oh well, at least I passed the landmark. do I get a badge?)

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: Coldfire’s username doesn’t mean anything. Everyone knows that fire cannot be cold, fer cryinoutloud!!


Yeah, well, not all of us are professional posters. :wink:
Sometimes I look at the post count of a person at under 300 posts and think ‘beginner’ then I look at their registration date and think :eek:


Although there was that musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More With Feeling” where Buffy sings, “I touch the fire and it freezes me…”

She sticks her hand in a fire and her hand appears to be unharmed.


I thought of Coldfire when I heard Buffy sing that song.

I just thought this would be a good thread to get my 300th out of the way

C. S. Friedman has a series of fantasy books called the Coldfire Trilogy. It’s about this nice mod…

      • “Cold Fire” is a Rush song, and I thinks Coldfire is a fan thereof.

i thnik coldfire is a stupid name cuz fire is hot an kids cud like burn themselves if u go around teling them its cold