Shopping and Outlet Stores in Seattle?

McDeath and I are going to Seattle next weekend - staying at the Edgewater Hotel - upon the recommendation of a Doper whose name I can’t remember at the moment.

Although we’re primarily there for the ball games, I’d like to get a little shopping in - the city I live in doesn’t have much in the way of clothing stores - so I thought it would be fun if we hit some Outlets - is there a Gap Outlet, an Old Navy Outlet, and perhaps a Maternity Store Outlet that’s easy to find and hopefully near each other?

Any other recommendations for shopping … restaurants … anything to help make our experience (and our honeymoon) very cool? Thanks in advance!

No help with Shopping…

but Restaurants!
Three places I cannot recommend enough.

Manekis in the Intl. District. It’s essentially Seattle’s Chinatown but not limited to Chinese.
Manekis is the best Japanese restaurant in the area. Its reasonable and not only is the sushi top notch (try the monk fish) but the regular dishes are spectacular.

If you cna make it over to Ballard/Greenlake area (they are west of the U-District), try either The Other Coast Cafe (Amazing sandwiches) or Otis Austin’s OK Corral Barbecue. Otis Austin’s is great southern/texas bbq. It’s pretty much take out only. And don’t let the lack of a menu or prices deter you. Just ask for the hook up. That’s a little of everything and is enough to feed 2 people. It should cost you 20 bucks.
I miss Seattle.

Edgewater. King Neptune Buffet. Dear God, the chance to cram yourself full of fresh & scrummy seafood in an all you can eat setting…why am I in Colorado?

No Old Navy outlets around, I don’t think, but there are several Old Navy stores nearby, one on 6th and Pine, one up in Lynnwood, and one down in Southcenter.
No outlets for Gap, but Gap kids stores in Lynnwood and Southcenter, as well, and one in Northgate, I think. Not sure where/if there’s a baby Gap nearby, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Come on up to the Ballard area, check out the Locks and stroll through the park down there, have some dinner at the Lockspot, or perhaps Totem House across the way. I could bump into you if you get a Slurpee at the 7 Eleven there :wink:
Lots of things to see on Market Street and in Fremont. If you like music check out Bop Street records - you could meet someone famous, browsing…

Do not go to the EMP. I say go up in the Space Needle if you haven’t. You either like it or you don’t, but at least you can say you did. My husband and I went up on our honeymoon, too, at night, and it was wonderful. I like being way up high and looking at the city lights, though. I thought it was romantic. The coffee’s just meh, it’s “Seattle’s Best” brand. It’s okay.

For a romantic drive/walk, try Shilshole, or Carkeek Park. Shilshole is a nice, short drive by the water, then you can bring a lunch or something and watch people fly their kites at Golden Gardens. Or just watch the boats. Carkeek is a park, where you can go down on the very small beach. I collect beach glass and some shells there sometimes. Beautiful view of the Cascade Mountains from there. Nice little hiking trails.

The Arboretum! Go see. Beautiful Japanese Gardens.

Oh! And the Woodland Park Zoo! Even better, you’ll be here in May - go see the butterfly exhibit. I think it is amazing. You are surrounded by butterflies. My husband, upon entering the display, said, “This must be what heaven is like.” Yep. It’s something else.

Flaming Geyser Park is quite a long drive, but it is nice if you enjoy taking long drives on beautiful sunny days, and you get one hell of a view of Mount Rainier. The park itself is just nice to walk around. Or bring a kayak or inner tube and head onto the Green River…

I’ll stop now. :o I love Seattle.

There are outlet malls all up and sown the I-5 - I’m not sure if that’s on your route, but my head almost exploded when I saw it. :slight_smile:

Not Shopping either, but **Swamp Bear ** is going to be here next weekend too. A number of us are getting together onSat. the 14th. Some will be doing the Underground tour at 3:00 PM, (very fun) then dinner at Chinook’s at 6:30 PM. You’ll have to sweet talk Aguecheek about dinner, he was going to make reservations this morning, but I bet he could change them to add a couple people.

Now about shopping: There are an outlet malls in, North Bend, about 25 miles from downtown and Burlington, between 45 and 50 miles from the city.
If you get Cold Water Creek catalogs, check out the store downtown. They have a bargain basement with some great prices. Its close to Westlake Center.
The Super Mall in Auburn started out as an outlet mall, but I’m not sure how successful its been. Its about 25 miles from downtown.

I think (“think” meaning, “I haven’t gone there in years, so I don’t really remember clearly”) that there was a Gap outlet in North Bend. Which is not just outside of the city, but past the suburbs. It is a beautiful drive, though. And gorgeous sunset. Plus, if either of you were Twin Peaks fans, that’s Twin Peaks.

For other shopping, if you walk two or three blocks away from the water and then turn right, you’ll be downtown, near the shops (including Nordstrom, REI, and Eddie Bauer flagships…if you like those stores).

Aw, thanks picunurse, but we’ll be at a ball game that night. Plus on our honeymoon so we may be a little wrapped up in our own little world … :slight_smile:

Great suggestions all - thank you! Feel free to keep 'em coming … we don’t leave until next Thursday …


Husband of shopoholic that knows every shopping center and mall within a 150 mile radius of Seattle. Although there are none in Seattle proper, there are many within an hour drive. Along with those suggest by picnurse, Seattle Premium Outlet Mall just opened in Marysville. The wife and kids are going tomorrow to check it out. The Burlington Mall is a 2 hour drive and caters to the Canadien visitor. The outlet mall in North Bend just expanded plus you get some spectacular views. The Supermall in Auburn is the closest but is suffering from an identity crisis, it’s about half outlet stores and half regular retailers. It’s the only one that is entirely indoors which can be nice if the weather is nasty. There are others in Gig Harbor which is just on the other side of the Narrows Bridge in Tacoma and in Chehalis. For something a bit different, Country Village can be fun.

Naah, it’s not that far. I live 30 minutes from downtown Seattle and Flaming Geyser in only 10 minutes from me. I know the backroads of Southeast King County too and that helps. I’ve seen the flame too and have seen bigger flames from Bic lighters.

Hee - we used to go when we lived about 10 minutes from downtown… and it took us about 45 minutes. My husband likes to go through Maple Valley and Black Diamond - and we do take the “scenic route” no matter where we go, because we enjoy the drive.

I haven’t seen the geyser myself - maybe that’s why :smiley: (I’ve been told it’s pretty lame - but I like the park and the rocky areas surrounding it… I also like the farms on the way back out to the highway.

Now that we live in Ballard, it would probably take us hours and hours… :smack:

Eeegh. Unless you have a serious addiction to Kountry Kitsch (or other forms of kitsch, for that matter), don’t bother going to Country Village. It’s so not worth the drive.

For restaurants, is there any particular style you’re looking for?

Well, we have an Eddie Bauer outlet in Woodinville–AND THE WINERIES AND RED HOOK BREWERY!

Yeah, the geyser is basically a hole with a little flame coming out of it…but the rest of the park is gorgeous.

I’m not familiar with any outlet malls, but I must suggest going to Alki Beach. I’ve noticed that West Seattle is underrated around here (I don’t understand why, as I live in W. Seattle and love it) - but Alki is beautiful, and you get the best view of rest of the city.


So Stainz and I are ramping up to leave in a couple of days. We are coming from BC and will be taking the I-5.

So can anyone tell us which of the mentioned outlet malls are on the I-5 North of Seattle?



The Seattle Premium Outlet mall is on I-5 north of Seattle. Look for the Tulalip Casino and the big whale.

The REI flagship store is in Seattle just off I 5.