Shopping for jewelry

Looking to buy a ring as a christmas gift for girlfriend. A wedding ring even though we are not wed. I don’t plan to spend a lot but would like to get the most for my money about $1,000. Any suggestions. I am even open to synthetic diamonds as a possibility. I am a terrible shopper and know nothing about jewelry shopping.

All I can say is, if you are going with a gemstone ring, make sure she likes that gem. Not everybody cares for diamonds (I’m one who believes they are vastly overrated). And, again, what style of jewelry does she already wear? Modern simple shapes? Baroque? Steampunk?

Are you going to buy a matching one for you? Wedding rings are often chosen together – it’s the engagement ring that is more of the surprise one.

Most of the cost of a wedding ring is the gold.

Or the platinum. . . start with the metal, does she wear yellow gold? Or have you only seen her in silver or white gold?

Then, what is her style? Does she have a family background she is proud of?

What is her style? Fussy? Elegant simplicity? Hippy? Steampunk?

Here is one place to click around and get an idea of what’s out there. Once you find what you want then come back so we can help you better.

Also, be very careful about this. If you did it in Alabama you’d be married. Check the rules in your state, unless you are shooting for a common-law marriage.

Also, also, be careful that you are not going to break her heart with this. Many women would be devastated by a “I’m not really interested in marrying you but I’m willing to let you pretend I am” ring. Are you absolutely certain that she’ll understand and appreciate the sentiment?

If she’s not into jewels, one type of ring that has always caught my fancy is mokume-gane style rings (google image search link). It’s a technique of layering different types metal during the forging process so that the finished piece has various wave-like or wood-grain type designs on the surface. Very unique looking. Not sure if you can find it in retail stores, you may have to order online.

I do want to be careful with this. She stated to me the other day that she knows we will never marry but she would like to at least wear a ring. California has no common law marriage but I am somewhat worried that a ring might constitute marriage since the two partners do bestow the vows onto one another.

Her style is somewhat simple, now days we mostly wear levis and shorts. I think she just wants to look married.

I’m thinking she wants to look married because she wants to be married. If you get her a ring but don’t want to marry her I’m betting this is not going to go well no matter what kind of ring you choose. If she was really okay with your all’s status she wouldn’t be thinking about a ring at all.

Sometimes people go along with what the other person wants, for many reasons. Until they can’t anymore.

Personally I would talk to her and get to the gist of the matter. But if you just want to keep the status quo get her a nice present, but NOT a ring.

I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea I have to admit. I understand her desire to fake it as she socializes quite a bit in the neighborhood with mostly married women. I have been very clear as to why we will never get married and I am not flexable on this, she knows it.

I hope this doesn’t sound TOO flippant (just the exact right amount of flippant is my goal, as a general rule), but IIRC, you’re fairly close to downtown Torrance, right?

There are a few pawn shops in the neighborhood, and if any woman can get mixed messages from a ring purchased in a pawn shop, she’s got to be really trying.

Also, downtown Torrance isn’t QUITE as seedy as it was back in the 70s, probably on account of all the brewpubs gentrifying the place up lately.

Funny you posted that I was heading there inabout an hour:D

Good selection, nice variety of metals and styles. If you get a colored gemstone you don’t have to worry about all that diamond “4 Cs” bullshit, and you’ll get a much bigger rock for your money. There are still different grades for other gemstones of course, but it’s not quite the critical thing it is for diamonds. The way I see it a shiny rock is a shiny rock. Check out some of those 3 stone rings. I got my wife one with an emerald and two sapphires as an engagement ring and she loved it.

If you want something that looks like a diamond that’s not a diamond or CZ, check out moissanite. $1000 will get you a very impressive looking moissanite ring.

I’m not a jewelry person myself, but those are about the prettiest things ever.