Shortest Tallest Building

Which state’s tallest building is the shortest? Which state is it in? How tall is it?

Here is the whole list by state. Some states just don’t seem to be into building things very tall. Looking at the list, it looks like Wyoming wins with their towering capitol building coming in at 146 ft dominating every other building in the state.

Wyoming, 146 feet.


ETA: On the above link, the height for the Franklin Towers in Maine is not listed. That building is 17 stories, so it’s a safe guess that it’s taller than 146 feet.

ETA II: Damn you, Shagnasty!!

And if anyone’s curious, a timeline of the world’s tallest buildings.

Cool. Thank you.

Any way to find out what the second tallest building in WY is?

Ok, now I want to know, what’s the shortest tallest building by country? Armenia? Lesotho? Liechtenstein? Vanuatu?

But who has the tallest shortest building?

What’s the world’s largest smallest object? :: head asplodes ::

It gets confusing.

Assuming you throw the Eiffel Tower out of the mix, of course.

The record for the longest a building has been the tallest man-made structure, if you allow things other than skyscrapers goes to the Great Pyramid, which was tallest for thousands of years. The record for tallest structures:

Great Pyramid of Gaza: 485 ft (originally; now eroded to 450), built c2400 BC
Cologne, Germany Cathedral: 515 ft. Completed 1880, though they were working on it for 600 years.
Washington Monument: 555 ft. Completed 1885.
Eiffel Tower: 1063 ft. Completed 1889.
The Empire State Building (1931) is the first structure to be bigger than the Eiffel Tower.

I’d imagine the Republic of Ireland has the shortest tallest building per developed western country, where the country’s biggest skyscraper, Liberty Hall, is 16 storeys high.

Certainly not Liechtenstein, which has a castle and some modern commercial buildings. My first guess would be some fly-speck island nation consisting entirely of one story structures. Vanuatu is probably too big a speck:

Looks like there may be a structure of a few stories in there somewhere.

Starting with Tuvalu, the highest building seems to be either the church, or the 3 story government office:

That can probably be beat.

I’m gonna say the Pitcairn islands, they’re a tiny group of islands with a population of about 40, it’s mostly single floor houses, probably the one floor:smack: church that got shut down

There appears to be a few structures of two story height, helped by peaked roofs. I’ll accept that that’s about it. However, the Pitcairn Islands aren’t a country, they are an overseas territory of the UK. If we start considering entities of that type, this gets more complicated.

I believe that’s not included because nobody lives there. The list is of buildings containing human-occupied dwellings.

If you eliminate that restriction, you are looking for a list of the tallest human structures. That includes a whole lot of other structures, mostly radio & TV transmission towers.


This isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but I had to throw it in. My hometown of Wichita Falls doesn’t have a huge number of claims to fame, but it does have the World’s smallest skyscraper.

Thanks for sharing that, Sam. What an entertaining con story.

Nauru is pretty low-rise, and unlike Pitcairn it is an independent republic. I’m not sure how high the tallest building is, but the government of Nauru did build a 52-storey skyscraper elsewhere.

There’s a 3 story hotel in Nauru:

And the Nauru Parliament building has a vaulted design, giving it some height:

It looks to me like Tuvalu might be architecturally shorter. At any rate, they’re pretty close.

ETA - for comparison, Tuvalu’s 3 story government building from upthread: