Shortwave radio: Grundig or Sony?

I’m going to buy a small shortwave radio and after doing some research I’m torn between the Grundig G4000a and the Sony Sw7600gr.

Digging through reviews* it seems they are pretty much the same-ish radio except the Grundig has much better sound than the Sony but the Sony manages to pick up distant signals slightly better - it just doesn’t sound as good. Outside of that the feature set is about the same and they both run about the same price.

So I turn to the SDMB to help me choose.

I’m mostly going to use it to scan the dial and pick up crazy broadcasts from far away lands and perhaps try and record a few number stations. I’ll also pack it with me during travel.

Does anyone have either of these? Anything you love/hate about it? Have you used a small shortwave radio around the $150 price range you feel is better than either of these?

*The reviews are hard to judge between the pair. Seems the Sony owners hate the Grundig but the Grungdig owners love them. Plus, there seems to be a fair amount of comparing these cheap radios to a $1500 counterpart with a huge antenna (duh, of COURSE the small radio won’t receive as well).

I have the Sony, which has been named “best in class” or something. I’ve had no problems with it, although I don’t have the time to listen at night. :frowning:


I owned a small Grundig shortwave receiver once, & it sucked. Can’t recall model name/number, as I got a refund ASAP.

Go Sony.