Should aggressive human races be banned?

Recently I have seen several news stories where black people have killed for no apparent reason. It seems that some races are far more aggressive and dangerous than others - a black man is nine times as likely to kill someone than a white man. Why is this danger allowed to exist?

Some will say that different races are not born more aggressive, but that differences in environment and upbringing are the reason behind these numbers. Yet there are cases where a black who is brought up in a good environment and is treated well just snaps and kills for no apparent reason, i.e. O.J. Simpson. Most people know someone who was attacked, robbed, or even killed by a black. I’m not saying that all blacks are going to attack without provocation, and there are many who live their whole lives without hurting someone - but you never know. Do you really want to expose YOUR children to this risk?

As opposed to us white folks that ALWAYS have a good reason for our pogroms, genocide, lynchings, and general mayhem?


(Stick to the dog debate; it will be safer.)


[sub]Bravo, my dear, Brah-vo![/sub]

I hope this is a joke. Now don’t go pickin’ on ol’ O.J. technically he wasn’t found guilty he was just found liable for the deaths. But seriously though? What is your logic on this? If you think blacks are more likely to kill well then I am inclined to think that whites are more likely to be cerial killers. Look at the famous ones Bundy, Gacy, Whitman, Gein, Berkowitz, and Dahmer they are all white.

I do have to say IMHO you don’t expose your children to risk the world does that for you. You can’t control what happens outside of your home.

Why do you feel the need to just discriminate African Americans in this post? Why not pick on Mexicans also or any other race for that matter? What gives you the right to say that they are inherently more dangerous than whites, asians, or europeans for that matter? Hell let’s not stop there and say that everyone is a threat. I got an idea let’s execute mass genocide! Oh wait Hitler beat us to the punch on that one a long time ago and things didn’t turn out to well for him did they now?

Straighten up man this place is for fighting ignorance not creating it. Please Badtz Maru tell me you are joking on this one. I’ve read your posts before your smarter than this.

although clearly BM is being deeply sarcastic, it does seem in poor taste and perhaps more of pit material than GD

Quick, everyone, lock up your Cheerios! Your Froot Loops are at risk! Don’t let your Grape Nuts turn into the next statistic!

Anyhoo, Tiki, the OP was doing something called satire. Read this and this.


Heh. I seriously doubt that there has EVER been a race of people ANYWHERE at ANYTIME on this planet that has never engaged in some sort of violent and dangerous behavior, so…
Oh no! The shame! The horror!
Let’s all kill ourselves so the bees can take over.
Bees are pretty agressive, too!
Sorry. it’s late and I’m getting silly…

Satire whats that? I myself was joking also. I just wanted to get into any sort of debate about anything really. It could have been a hogwash crappy ass debate and I still would not have cared. See for I am at work right now and I am the only person in this room which houses 70 PC’s and 14 Mac’s. I was just looking for someone to chew the fat with. I knew Badtz was joking around. Heh I just wanted to get a little something going to make my time at work go a little faster. Ho-hum thanks for ruining my night! :slight_smile:

Word. I withdraw my flame. :slight_smile:

I know this is satire, but it got me thinking: Which races of humans aren’t aggressive?

It’s all good. It’s just difficult to keep yourself busy during the graveyard shift at a University Computer Lab (and the SDMB is a lil’ boring sometimes late at night not many people posting). They need to hire someone to work with me so I won’t be so damn lonely in here.

Human race, singular, is aggressive as all get out given a chance.

This is the most racist thing i’ve ever seen. Even if it is sarcasm, it’s still inappropriate.

And i doubt all the murders by black men could even begin to compare with what hitler did, and he was white. :stuck_out_tongue:

And i also still can’t believe that ppl use color to describe ppl. He may look a certain way, but that doesn’t mean he is a certain way based on how he looks.

The post was about banning aggressive races… are you suggesting we commite genocide or exile them to antartica or what?
p.s.- sorry for the dorky name, was all i could think of at 12:00 :slight_smile:

Oh god, yes. This month’s Daytona 500 in particular is just horrible, and should be banned. Fires, flips, 200-mph collisions. And have you seen the things Jeff Gordon will do, just to win a damn race? It’s…

Oh, wait a minute…


I take it you haven’t read Swift’s A Modest Proposal. This is pretty tame, compared to that work of satire. If this is the most racist thing you have ever seen, you’ve led a sheltered life.


Several good points have been made here. What should be done with races that have been shown to be dangerously aggressive? There are moral problems with euthanasia, imprisonment would be too expensive, and banishment would be unfair to neighboring nations. I think sterilization would be best - the only drawback is we would have to wait for them to grow old and die.

As to Mexicans, they too are statistically more likely to commit violent crimes, though not as likely as blacks. Perhaps they should be included as well - after all, many of those responsible for attacks do not have their lineage recorded, so we would have to set up some laws that defined what a ‘black’ was, we could simply write them so the more dangerous varieties of Mexican are included as well.

BD, this is really in poor taste, not particularly amusing and probably, although no pretensions for moderating being made here only my own little opinion, should be a pit thread.

BD you sicken me. I didn’t know ppl could be so openly racist. Ppl who still think like that should be banned. YOU should be banned, or castrated, or whatever. You are a menace to the good of society and deserve to die by guillotine.

And if you look at history, whites are the most violent ppl of all. I mean, c’mon, hitler, stalin, napolean. I have never seen a black man become famous for killing. It was white ppl who unjustly invaded their land and took them out of thier homes, they have a right to revenge, especially against ppl like you.

Wow who stuck the firecracker up the newbie’s ass and lit it :eek:

Because of the way a person thinks, they should be banished? I may not agree with some people, and (were Batdz being serious, I would not agree with him) but this board does not make a policy of banning people because of their beliefs. Do a search for “Jack Dean Tyler” to see what I mean.

Secondly, it’s a JOKE. Seriously, man, relax. I think kneejerk reactionaries like you who label any attempt at humor or entertainment “racist” because it pokes fun issues that, unfortunately, exist, oughta open their eyes and devote their zealous energy to fighting actual racism.

Obviously, the OP is making a connection with the “Should aggressive dog breeds be banned?” thread. It goes something like this:
Certain breeds of dogs, like pit bulls, have killed and attacked innocent people, so maybe they sould be banned.
Likewise, if certain ‘breeds’ of humans have killed and attacked innocent people, maybe they sould be banned. He then gives stats saying blacks are 9 times more likely to commit violent crimes.

-where did you get that stat? Also, as people have pointed out, most of the big wars in the world involved whites.
-don’t make comparisons between animals and humans. Crime, violence and race are sociological issues involving human differences and conflicts. The pit bull issue is humans protecting themselves from dogs.