Should Antifa violence be condemned?

Are you also advancing the point of view that antifa doesn’t exist?

No, I’m advancing the point of view that not every guy with a mask assaulting another guy is antifa.

And the other five victims?


But certainly it is not a symbol of Naziism. It flies over every govt building, in every schoolroom, over many homes and businesses.

Attacking someone for waving the flag is a mark of just plain violent stupidity.

Yeah, let’s not pretend that the Antifa goal is punching Nazis, since so far they have done it exactly once. They have also burned a car once. So, it would seem burning cars is just as much a cornerstone as punching nazis. Oh, they vandalized and damaged dozens of businesses, so that would appear to be their primary goal.

I don’t pretend that. I don’t condone burning cars or damaging businesses. That’s why I didn’t say “I condone that!”

And who to do that? Not Antifa, since they mostly break windows of businesses and hit guys with metal rods.

Lets get over this idea that Antifa is in the business of punching nazis, since they don’t do that. They break windows. Burn cars. Turn peaceful demonstrations into violent riots.

Well, they should start spending more time punching nazis and white supremacists and less time burning cars. Next time I attend an Antifa meeting, I’ll try to get that on the agenda.

I haven’t been getting notices since they purged the DFH from their ranks. I don’t know who the other guy was.

I’m sad to see the way ‘fascist’ is being used again as a generic insult for neo-nazis and the far right.

Was it being used in some other way recently? :confused:

Neo nazis- sure. They are fascists. But just the alt-right bunch of idiots? They aren’t fascists, just idiots.

Where is this happening? In what numbers?

I’m not claiming that nobody who calls themselves “antifa” is out there performing violent acts. I am claiming that there exists no such organized group, and that the “members” of the non-group number no more than a handful at any given moment, and have been declining rather than increasing.

I am also claiming–explicitly–that “Antifa” is exactly equivalent to the other groups I mentioned (substituting ‘sleeper cell’ for ‘splinter cell,’ of course): a tiny number of people that the Right has imaginated into a huge threat for the purpose of making their followers afraid, angry, and unwilling to examine their own crimes.

Just imaginated? I suspect *infiltrated *among the anti-fascism demonstrators, for the purpose of distraction and delegitimization, might be more accurate. They won’t show their faces.

It’s not make believe, it’s just irrelevantly small. If you have some numbers to suggest that the scope of antifa violence isn’t irrelevantly small, let’s have 'em.

I warn you, I’m prepared to take what you come up with as antifa’s violence record and compare it to violence perpetrated by toddlers, so you better have more than a few beatings to talk about, because toddlers are nasty little buggers.

It’s more shocking to compare it to violence perpetrated by law enforcement. But the toddler comparison is definitely funnier.

Do you happen to know how violence by fascists in America stacks up against toddlers?

Toddlers with guns can be pretty brutal.

If you want to ask whether or not Fascist violence should be condemned, start your own thread. This is about the “scourge” of Antifa violence.

shrug it was just a question. You sounded like someone who understood and was concerned with the relative rates of incidents of violence. I thought you might know that one too, off the top of your head. If you don’t, or do and don’t want to say, that’s fine.