Should Batman wear fishnet stockings?

Well? Should Batman put on the Bat-stockings?

Only… if he’s prepared.

I shudder to think what situation Batman might be preparing for, though.

Hey now. Even superheroes can go out for a night and enjoy the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And Bruce Wayne has always had a good time at the movie theather.


He’d have to have Bat-heels to go with them, though. Otherwise it would just be weird
Does Robin get a sequined bustier?

I don’t think I’d be prepared for that sight.

Well, he DOES live in a cave with an old man and a teenage boy…

(did I just type that?)

Well, if nothing else, it’d lessen the shock to the public if his secret identity was blown.

"…To update our top story tonight, authorities confirm that the examination of The Batman’s body has revealed him to be none other than billionaire Bruce Wayne.

This just in…we’re getting a report from sources in the coroner’s department saying that Mr. Wayne was wearing…

brief, uncomfortable pause

…Women’s undergarments at the time of his death.

Another pause

…Oh, forget it. You can hire back Connie Chung if you want to hear this so bad. I’m Dan Rather, signing off and heading for the nearest bar."

I tell ya, getting caught wearing women’s fishnets would be worse for a (male) superhero than being found dead, laying face down in an unflushed toilet.

Well, maybe not that bad. But it wouldn’t be that good.

Oh he’s the Batman and he’s okay,
Fights crime at night and he sleeps all day.

He catches crooks, swings and jumps,
He drives his batmobile.

He makes his ward wear green tights,
and likes to cop a feel.

You, know before the THIRD thread on the subject of superheros in fishnet stockings appeared, I used to think I was against censorship :slight_smile: