Should Gaza be relocated? Where?

Even if the other Arabs want the residents of Gaza to remain where they are to continue to vex the Israelis, let’s say the world agreed they should be relocated, for their own sake, to a happier place to live and, hopefully, prosper without assistance.

where do you suppose that could be?

Even if forcible solutions like this could be either implemented, or even a good idea, the way to go would be to relocate Hamas ***leadership *(and replace them with peaceful, democracy- and puppy-loving stewards. Right. Like we have enough of those that we can give any away :rolleyes:) and not the population…

Point being, *most *of the residents of Gaza don’t want to move, and aren’t really all that gung-ho on vexing Israel, either. They just want a roof over their heads, a job that pays for food and some luxury, and a bit of freedom. Like the rest of us. Difference being, most of us live places where we generally have at least some of the above.

plebiscite needed? Take the pulse? Would the leaders of Hamas allow that? I wonder. Seems to me they were voted in…as I recall.

I’m picturing a Moses-like figure leading them down the horn of Africa to a spot where they part the ocean and walk on dry ground over to Madagascar.

Either that, of a fleet of 787’s, baggage to follow.

How about Iraq? They’ve conveniently killed each other off to the tune of about 500000 people over the last 10 years. Room there?


Too much like home, perhaps. Too cold in the winter and not enough water for that many to suddenly need shelter and sustinence. Nothing worthwhile for them to do.

Seriously, where could they be relocated to without drastic difficulty? If the place is such a nice place to be, now, why do they want to reoccupy Israel?

Maybe climate change will create some areas where they could slip in without anyone else wanting it.

They want to reoccupy Israel because they perceive the land to be theirs. Relocate Gaza? Sure. While we’re at it. let’s move New York City to Antarctica. The naivete of the question posed in the OP astounds me. It’s like you don’t know anything about the history of the Middle East or anything that’s happened since 1948.

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Ah, the old Madagascar Plan.

Brilliant plan - history shows that most populations don’t mind when a large new population comes in and takes over the place, possibly forcing out original populations. Of course, you’re not the first to think of this - The Onion reported on plans for a new homeland for dispersed peoples the world over called 'etnoklashistan’ years ago.

Well, ladies, why don’t you look beyond the obvious satire and try to imagine how else this matter will ever be concluded?

Israel will continue to take anything and everything they need to support their expanding population. They are industrious in all matters and excellent agriculturalists. They are not simply going to give anything back. After all this time, it no longer matters whether some entity says, “we no longer believe that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth”. Rescinding any previous or currrently relevant position will not make any difference to the Israelis.

If Gaza and the West Bank can get their act together, they might still be able to arrange their own state. Then what? They can’t support themselves in that confirguration, can they?

What, then, do you suppose will eventually happen to Gaza? Will it be there forever, soaking up charitable donations to try to alleviate the living conditions they endure? Or, to the pertinent point of this discussion, WHAT?

Lol, are you aware that Israel pulled out of Gaza a few years ago and uprooted all of the Jewish settlers living there? Seriously are you aware of that fact?

I thought they wanted a Caliphate; i.e. to occupy the whole World and carve moon and a star on disbeliever forehead. Albeit, I agree, occupying whole Israel would be a good 1st step. So far, they are making wonderful progress your claim doesn’t need any elaboration. Few more centuries and that’ll be that.

Yes, of course. I am not unaware of the issues and time line. I was alive in 1948. I read Uris. I grieve for the millions slaughtered by Nazis and Nazi sympathizers. I want Israel to remain right where they are. That isn’t the question. The question is whether Gaza can actually be viable long range. If not, then WHAT?

To the offshore colonies. But until they are in place individual Gazans are free to seek higher educations and career choices that make them better qualified to immigrate to and become productive members of other terrestrial nations. If they chose to go en-mass they should go to an Arab nation where they’d be most culturally comfortable and feel most at home.

Well that’s inconsistent with your claim that “Israel will continue to take anything and everything they need to support their expanding population”

Well what are some small states which are viable in your view? And how is Gaza different from them?

West Jerusalem.

Theoretically, it could be. It’s insanely small, but it’s the perfect position for a port city on the Eastern Med, and while it’ll likely always be dominated economically by Israel or Egypt, I see potential there for it becoming transportation and financial center.

All that assumes, of course, that there’s peace with Israel and sane leadership in Gaza, neither of which exists now. But the place is hardly hopeless.

There are many Palestinians living in other Arab states. Do they really “feel at home” there? Are they even accepted by the locals?

Madagascar? Makes no more sense than sending the Jews there (which Hitler once proposed, I believe).

With a one-state solution, the only conceivable solution that does not require anybody to move.