Should I abandon homosexuals?

So far, I’ve yet to have a single good experience with a homosexual, male or female. I have one gay acquantince, who I haven’t talked to in months.

I’ve been molested by a gay guy.

I was bugged by another (granted, an ex-friend of mine had been harrassing him, so he had good reason) gay guy.

And I had a rather nasty relationship with a girl who went lesbian before I ended up kicking her out of my life.

As a result, I am starting to think that homosexuals are just not my type of people, and just get rid of any trace of homosexuality in my life.

Am I being too hasty here, or is my idea justified?

Your sampe size is 4. The entire gay population is, errr, a shitload bigger.

I’d say you’re being hasty.

Okay, lets just talk about this.

Am I to infer that you have never had bad things happen to you with people who WEREN’T gay? Because it sounds to me as though you are saying that all your bad experiences with these people were BECAUSE they were gay, and I don’t think the fact that they were gay/lesbian had anything to do with the negative experiences you had. Some people are just not GOOD people…that has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.


One of my very best friends - gay guy.

Two of my mom’s best friends - gay guys.

Totally fun friend of my SIL, who also happens to have a crush on me - lesbian.

One of the funniest, best posters on the board (matt_mcl) - gay guy.

One of the other funniest, best posters on the board - Esprix - THE Gay Guy.*

I could go on. And on, and on and on.

Do you see a theme here? I think perhaps you have a poor sample that you’re basing your opinion on.


Yeah, I was going to say, scott evil is one of the funniest, best posters on the board, and he also happens to be gay.

Yes, you should avoid homosexuals forever. Homosexuals have enough problems without having to put up with the likes of you.

One of the funniest, best posters on the board that not only has one hottie - but TWO hotties to choose from - Scott Evil - gay guy.

Sorry about that fella - I could have gone on for quite a while with cool gay people around here. :slight_smile:

Any sentence containing both the words “homosexual” and “abandon” should also have “wild” in there somewhere.

Just my opinion. :slight_smile:

Okay, decision made. I won’t abandon them.

Oh and Lamia, did I mention that you’re a moron?

Oh, and, did you bother to read the rules? Hello-no name calling outside of the Pit!


matt’s gay???

Upon reading the title of this thread…

(emergency klaxon sounding) ALERT!! ALERT!! ALERT!!



Admit it - who else thought “gay abandon” was a phrase just waiting to be used until they read the seriousness of the OP?

Bravo, Freyr– now I have a mental image of a life-preserver with "H.M.S. Titania" stencilled on it. :smiley:

Abandoning your homosexuals is a very cruel act, IMHO. If you cannot go through the trouble of finding them a good home, the least you could do is mail them to Esprix, who seems to have acquired a bit of knowledge concerning the care and feeding of them, according to his threads on the subject.

I think it’s OK to abandon us in places like New York, SF, London, Toronto, Montreal, Sydney…

But you try to abandon us in Podunk, and we’ll refuse to do any more interior decorating from now on… :eek:

It will NOT be pretty… I urge you to reconsider…

How ever would we survive in the wild?


I heard you can make fire by rubbing two sticks together.