Should I ask Miss Clairol or will you tell the truth

I remember reading some statistics on the percentages of women’s hair color. The article said that 40-50% said they currently have blonde hair, while only about 5% really do. Well ladies, what’s the scoop? Are they lying? I do know that I see an awfully large number of dark eyebrows framed by flowing golden locks.

Real blonde here. If you could see my eyebrows (and you can’t–nobody can) you’d know I was telling the truth.

I haven’t colored my hair in well over a decade and I never colored it blonde. I do, however, have three friends that dye their hair blond. I would tell you their real hair color but I honestly don’t remember!

I don’t know about the over all stat but it wouldn’t surpise me at all if it was that high. Sadly, many believe that blonds have more fun when the truth of the matter is redheads get away with more!

I dye, but I dye it darker. To a reddish-brown. My mother prefers blond. Enough of a reason to NEVER go blond again. :slight_smile:

I’m a natural blonde, well strawberry blonde.

But, we grey really early in my family. So, between the grey and the fact that my hair is starting to take on a mousey color as I’m getting older - I do dye my hair. But, I only dye it to match my natural color. Grey at 31 - that’s just a crime. :frowning:

Minxsmom – “Grey at 31 - that’s just a crime”

No it’s not! Shame on you! :wink:

That’s life! My hair is turning grey (I’m thirty-four) but it looks really cool since it’s more clear than grey. It’s like highlights or something… it looks really cool and I’m proud of the way my hair, even now, is long and shiny and really sexy. It’s about two and a half feet long and very thin but man! When I’ve got my attitude on and running with myself? I’m a massive honey!

There are those strands of grey or clear but I have to say, they are more an addition than a detraction. I just wonder how many other women could really appreciate their “natural” hair color if they would just let it be and enjoy it for what it’s worth. And stop perming it to death or doing other things to it that make it look like chafe.

I mean, if you WANT to color your hair because you want to that’s great! But don’t color it because you get wrapped up into some “I have to” thing. Be you. Colored or not, accept and rejoice in you for you. I love the way I look! Long hair and those sparks of grey in the dark auburn tresses… it’s cool. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I fought my hair for YEARS when I was younger. I permed it to make it fuller, colored it to make it brighter, cut it to make it suit me… but now? It’s long, it’s straight, it’s dark auburn. And I can really enjoy it because it’s shiny and healthy.

I have dark blond/light brown hair and dark eyebrows. All natural. So don’t assume that it’s fake. (Although I don’t think anyone does assume that my coloring is fake…it looks natural because it is.)

I haven’t dyed my hair in about a year actually and when I do dye it I don’t dye it blonde… besides my hair is already fairly light brown and when I did dye it blonde it ended up a shade or two lighter and I had TONS of red highlights (which I love… I did the dying myself btw) So I did take to dying my hair red (cuz I love it… it looks better on me… etc) but I haven’t in awhile… actually in summer it looks like it does when I just die it making red/blonde highlights.

Also I’m probably gonna be turning grey by the time I’m late twenties early 30’s… al the women on my Mom’s side do. (Unless I manage to inherit from my Dad’s side on that trait… I don’t think they go grey as early) I’ll probably dye it then more but I have been told I would look good with white/silver hair (this was at one summer camp where we did this team thing and I was on the white team so I took a comb and dunked it in white… washable paint and ran it through my hair… it looks pretty cool)

I’m a natural honey-blonde. Starting to get those strange gray hair highlights.
Does your gray hair grow and feel differently from your normal hair?

My natural color is dark brown. A few years ago I was bored with it and I got some blonde highlights, which I kept for about a year. Then, a little over a year ago, I went porn-star bleached blonde on a whim. It was fun, but after the roots started coming in I decided to go with a color that looked somewhat realistic. I’m now a medium blonde (and I get my eyebrows lightened too, so pffffft), which I can pull off because my coloring is relatively light and I have light blue-green eyes.

I expected to get a lot of grief about the big change, but I haven’t. A friend’s mother (I hadn’t met her when I was a brunette) was shocked when she found out that the blonde wasn’t natural. And my 75-year old grandmother was thrilled - she said, “You finally look Swedish!”

I was born a redhead, and I intend to die a redhead.

Even if I have to “dye” a redhead.

Fortunately, most redheads don’t go gray, they just sort of fade into strawberry blonde. At least that is what my hairdresser tells me. I am 47, and I am not going gray yet, or fading either. When it comes, if it is gray, it will be dyed. I see no reason to change the color I was BORN with, do you?