Is brunette the new blonde?

Do you think that with SOOOOO many women now bleaching, highlighting or lightening their hair in some way, that it is now brunettes that are in the minority & the exception? Or will blondes always be “preferred by gentlemen”? I’ve been both & actually had more sucess with the opposite sex as a brunette!! (ie. getting approached in nightclubs etc). Interested to hear your feedback guys & gals. I think redheads are underestimated & overlooked as well ~ look at Angie Everhart, Laura Leighton & Alicia Witt - they are beautiful!!

I’m a happy brunette who’s never had a problem getting attention. Would I get more if I were blonde? Maybe, but I’m not a huge fan of blonde hair on most people so I probably won’t find out!
I agree that if I could pick a color for the day, I’d love to be a redhead. Rowr.
I heard somewhere that only 7% of the population if blond, naturally. Does that sound right?
I have 2 or 3 natural blond friends, and the rest have
that odd dark eyebrows/bleached hair combo.
At any rate, I think that whatever makes you happy is what color your hair should be. Doesn’t really matter either way!

I don’t know about generally, but 7% would be very low for here (Cincinnati). I’d guess locally about 60-70% blonde, 25% brunette, and the rest other.

I’ve generally preferred brunettes as long as I can remember, although that doesn’t mean that blondes can’t be attractive.

Red heads and strawberry blondes are to die for.

After a couple of years of double processing my hair - which entails both bleaching and highlighting - I said screw it and decided to go back to my natural hair color which is dark blonde/brown. The upkeep was costly and just too much for someone who is normally so low maintenance.

Going back to my teenage years in the 1960s and early 70s, I’ve preferred brunettes to blondes, and redheads to both.

For me… Brunette > Redhead > Blonde always.

Call me shallow, but blonde hair is just unattractive. No offense.