What would you chose? Blonde or Brunette?

What type do you prefer, this can apply to women also, Blonde or Brunette

For me personally, I prefer Brunettes, they just seem to be more attractive to me more than Blondes (That doesn’t make me weird does it? Because I’ve said this before and it raised a few eyebrows)

Women and Men: What do you prefer?



blonde or black.
Or bald. Bald is sexy.




all things being equal brunette,
but there’s a lot of room between “she’s a hottie” and “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed” for blondes to make the cut.

No preference, here… I’ve been wildly attracted to men of all different haircolors & styles.

Hooray for variety!


I meant that both sexes could comment on what they like.

I prefer a woman with longish curly strawberry blonde hair on her head and bald down there. Second choice would be a long-straight brunette with blond highlights who is also bald down there. Third choice would have to be a natural redhead with a natural red mohawk, down there (so I’d know she’s a natural redhead, of course).

Why isn’t there a french word for redhead? Wouldn’t it be something like rouge-tete?

I’ve got a dirty blond, does that count?

Though red has always fascinated me.

Brown, red, black, blonde.

In that order.

Although, when Jennifer Garner sported blue hair in Alias, I was damn excited.

Put me down for blue if I get a fantasy wish.

Gray, brunette, or bald. A combination of bald/gray or bald/brunette seems to be my preference.

Jet black, with a white Lily Munster streak.

Throughout high school, the only girls I dated were blonde. The odd thing is that I never consciously realized this until I was married (to a blonde.)

I don’t think that I’ve ever dated a blonde guy. All brown-haired. Hmmmm, I never realized that before.

Afro, any color except red white and blue.

Une rousse or un roux.

I would choose based on different criteria than hair colour, like what kind of car she drives.:rolleyes:

Thanks, eunoia. It has been literally 20 years since my HS French and I can’t do much more than count to ten anymore. Une rousse sounds familiar now.