What would you chose? Blonde or Brunette?

I don’t pay that much attention to hair, beyond noticing if it’s clean and reasonably well-groomed. If the color suits the person, it works for me.

Generally I go for guys with brown hair, all though some of them look really hot with bleached blonde hair.

How could you ever decide?

So many beautiful women in so many hair colors!

Always liked dark-haired guys; redheaded guys can be cute, but it isn’t often and since I’m redheaded myself, I always swore I’d never marry one…otherwise our kids would spontaneously combust at the slightest exposure to sunlight.


My first big crush was redheaded, though…


(and nice legs are better than nice boobs).

I think I’ve dated mostly brunets… One guy was blond, one was a redhead, but other’n that, dark haired.

Not that I wouldn’t, mind you. Hair color isn’t something I think much about when figuring who’s attractive to me.

Brunette mostly


and curly.

Dark brown or black. And curly too… (like Rufus Sewell - drools…!)

Definitely NOT that wishy-washy dark ashblonde that most peoples haircolour are around here!

You mean I have a choice! Goody!
“you take the blonde and I’ll take the one in the toiban.” - YF

I’ve always liked dark brown, the kind where you can’t tell if it’s black or not. I don’t know, the thing about having blond hair/blond eyebrows kind of freaks me out, you can’t tell if the brow’s are there or not.


Now that I think about it, every woman I’ve dated has had black hair, so I guess that’s my preference. OTOH, obviously artificial colors are also a turn-on (green or blue, or bright blond on an asian woman).

So, how you doin’?
Oh, and I’m not picky.

If I was forced to choose, everything else being equal - I’d take them both.

I’ll go along with all of the above.

Brunettes, male and female.

Though I really, really love silky, raven’s wing black hair. Probably because I don’t see it that often.

I also have a thing for redheaded women, but it has to be just the right shades of red.

Blondes just never really did it for me. Except for Charlize Theron. rowl

anything but red.


Whoever has a character that’s compatible with mine.