Okay, guys: blonde, brunette, or redhead?

Me, I’m brunette all the freakin’ way. Just something about dark shades which does me, even dating back to when I was a preschooler and liked the cute Argentinian girl that lived down the street.

I voted “redhead”, since those are the types which seem to grab my interest in the media, but of the four women I’ve actually fallen in love with, three were brunette, and one was auburn-haired.

No preference, with redheads being my favorite lack of preference.

Why no “all of the above” option?

(Okay, “no preference” is sort of the same thing.)

My wife is blonde. She says I’m weird for redheads.

+1. I voted redhead, but basically it’s a preference, not a requirement.

Redhead first, but only if natural. It’s a weakness, because every redhead I’ve known was the spawn of Mephistopheles. Still if I wasn’t married, I would probably be dating redheads. Close behind are brunettes, the darker the better.

Blondes, real or fake, trail.

Of course, this is just talking about aesthetics, and a nice, funny, playful blonde is better than a bitchy, mean brunette. That said, being my kryptonite, any redhead would win out.

Blondes turn my head, but the ones who have driven me out of my mind have always been brunettes. Apart from the redhead I was with for seven years.

“This color doesn’t come from a bottle.”

-Cute redhead I dated last year

No preference. Also, I don’t care if the curtains and carpet match. Hell, even linoleum is good.

I chose brunette on the basis of one ex who was the sexiest woman I have ever known. Otherwise, I’d say I don’t have a preference.

What, no black? Are they really that uncommon to be subsumed under “other” or are they considered a subset of brunettes?

Hair color is so far down on the list, that I can’t say it really matters. And it depends on the woman. Some women look great as blondes, and others look great as brunettes. I guess the only preference I have is not so much liking the redheads. But I think that is because of the overall look that many redheads have, and not so much the color of the hair alone.

Doncha know? A redhead is a blond from Hell! :smiley:

Shrug. Anything unusual can get my attention, but there’s no fascination with a particular color. On Friends (which I rarely watched), Phoebe the blonde was my favorite. On the original Charles Angels (which I never watched, but saw magazine articles about) the dark brunette (Kate?) caught my eye.

My fantasies usually involve blondes, but the loves of my life (including my wife) have all been brunettes. I’m not sure what that says about me.

There must be something to that blonde-fire connection. Blondes generally seem hotter. Red heads may be hot, but often psycho(sorry ladies, these are stereotypes).

In the final analysis, it’s all good, even bald.

I had a preference for pale-ish guys with dark/black hair, but was open to pretty much anything.

Hmm I assumed they were (or could be considered) one and the same…?

Yay! Brunettes lead over blondes! (Natural very dark brunette here. :slight_smile: )