Should I be concerned...? Echocardiograph

So I have sleep apnea and my sleep doctor sent me in for an echocardiograph. I had it done about ten days ago and was told to hear from my doctor. I didn’t hear anything and I remember saying to the nurse who did the procedure I wouldn’t worry since ‘no news is good news’. She specifically told me no, that I needed to follow up. So I tried calling my doctor about it and am getting nowhere. He’s basically gone for a couple weeks and I can’t get in contact with him. So I hopped onto my hospital’s patient portal thing and found the results from the procedure. I read it over and pretty much everything came back as normal except for one thing. “Grade III diastolic dysfunction”. That…sounds pretty bad. But…if it was that bad I’d hope my doctor would have called me right away. But past experience has shown me this doctor’s a flake.

I know noone here is my doctor. And I know anything told here isn’t like 100% accurate or anything but my googling of the term is really kinda concerning me. So in lieu of my doctor being awol for who knows how much longer…is this something I need to be worried about?

I’m not a big user of medical services, but my reaction is that you’re no sicker today than you were yesterday, and if you have a long-term heart defect, it probably won’t change too much before your doctor gets back. And if you can’t trust your doctor, maybe it’s time to find a new one.