Should I bother with Total War: Attila?

I played the hell out of Rome II, so I’m considering it. It’s dirt cheap on Steam at the moment. I guess I could just pick it up, but I already have a bunch of games sitting in my Steam library that I’ve only played for five minutes, so I’ve been trying to get out of that habit.

Also, I’m skeptical. I’ve been looking at the Total War forums, and my impression is that Attila is pretty good when it comes to strategy, but players are noting that it often turns into something of a hot mess concerning historical events. I have a hard enough time wrapping my head around the actual history of Late Antiquity, so I’m not sure I need to confuse myself further. “Didn’t the Ostrogoths conquer Egypt? Didn’t the Eastern Roman Empire fall to a coalition of Gepids and space aliens in 423? Didn’t Aeatius go on to have a career as a male stripper? No, wait, that was the stupid game.” OK, I’m joking, I know there aren’t space aliens or strippers, but you know what I mean.

Rome II is a bit like that, too, but it looks like Attila has it worse. Are there perhaps any mods that will make the experience a bit more historically non-bonkers?

Attila is really great actually. Adds a lot of cool features like a family tree, better sieges, more streamlined unit rosters etc. As far as the history goes, each faction will periodically recieve (optional) missions to guide them on a historical path. So if you are playing a Viking faction, you will get a mission to sack 5 towns in Britain by such and such year. You don’t have to follow that at all, but you usually get a reward of you do. I enjoy the Rome 2 time period more, but I can’t go back to playing Rome because I’m spoiled on all the quality of life improvements in Attila.

I feel like I “should” check out Attila sooner or later. I consider myself a fan of the Total War series (back to the first Rome), but I somehow lost the thread with Rome II. I was (am, in theory) about 79 hours into my first campaign when I just stopped playing. I think I got discouraged by all of the patches changing things on me mid-campaign. I’ve resolved to finish this campaign before playing Attila or the upcoming Warhammer game, but I haven’t played Rome II in about a year.

First, Steam lets you refund games so long as you haven’t played them for longer than 2 hours. So you can always try it and return it if you don’t like it.

And I’ll echo Willcross here and say that Attila’s gameplay is much improved over ROME II. However, the main campaign, isn’t my cup of team, thought it might be yours.

It’s the fall of the Roman empire, so most main factions are huge. And the Huns feature completely different gameplay than standard factions.

Having said that, the DLc: Age of Charlamagne, is the closes we’ll get to Medieval 3 for a while, and it’s AWESOME!