Should I buy a 1999 Nissan Altima today?

Does anyone own a recent model Altima? Would you recommend the car?

If you were to choose between a Camry and an Altima, what would you do?

Well, mine is 1995, and I love the car. We got it in 1997, I believe, and it has had no problems whatsoever.

My wife had a '99 Altima. I hated it because it was anemic as hell. Even with a 5 speed it was slow. Dependability wise, it was fine, but hey, I once owned a Yugo that was dependable. I just don’t find Nissans very appealing. We have a Maxima now and I’m not all that impressed by that either.

We had a '96 Corrola for 2 years. I liked that. For a 4-banger it had lots of zip. I imagine a Camery would be even better. Go for the Toyota.

The Camry is probably a better car…have you checked Consumer Reports & such?

I have had two Nissan pickups and they are utterly reliable, though the 4-banger is a bit wimpy. A friend of mine has a '96 Altima she bought new. She drives quite a bit, and has had not one problem with the car, she loves it.

Actually I did buy the Altima yesterday. I was fortunate enough to find a 2000 GXE that had only about 16000 miles on it. It’d been the company car of a Nissan executive, so it had never really left the company. IMHO, that story is better than the old fable about a creampuff used car whose only owner was an old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays.

This one is not anemic in the least, and it’s an autmatic yet. In fact, we also tested a '97 Maxima, which was a gorgeously impressive, comfortable ride with all the usual high-end trappings, but it definitely seemed a bit sluggish.
And that’s with a v-6.

But here’s the best part. The sticker on the Altima was hardly more than that of the brand new Sentra they were displaying across the street. After having considered everything from used Camrys, used Passats (hard to find), new Saturns, used Maximas, and an almost new Altima, I’m glad I ended up with the latter. I hadn’t bought a nearly new car in a very long time and the experience really shows me what a maze of opportunities and decisions the whole process is.

Congratulations on your new car purchase!

You forgot to mention the important stuff, though. Like what colour is it?