Should I buy Pikmin or Sonic Mega Collection?

Maybe this is lame, I don’t know . . . I’ve thought about doing little silly/fun threads like this before but never tried. I figured I’d try it out once to see if it works, and testdrive the polling feature.

I’m going to buy a Gamecube game to play in my Wii tomorrow. I’ve narrowed it down to these two games. I’ve never played either one, so I can’t choose.

I’ll buy whichever one has the most votes when I leave tomorrow, and come back later to let you guys know if you’re smelly jerks or totally awesome coolguys.

So which is it?

Well, have you played most of the Sonic games already?

No. I played Sonic on GameGear and Sonic Adventure 2 on Gamecube (Wii, actually.) Those are the only 2 I’ve ever played at any length.

Buy the Sonic collection then, and play through Sonic2, 3, and Sonic+Knuckles. Play through the original too if you liked those. Sonic CD is also great if that collection has it.

I’ve a huge fan of strategy games and I really loved both Pikmins. Sometimes the pressure of the time constraints in the first Pikmin got to me, but the developers did away with that in the sequel. I did, however, get obsessed with never leaving a Pikmin behind. While the Sonic collection definitely seems to have a lot more games, I think that you can find better sidescrollers to play with then anything in it.

ETA: Sonic CD isn’t part of it. :frowning:

Better sidescrollers? Surely there are some, but can any match the sheer sense of speed and exhilaration in Sonic2? I say nay. Besides, it’s a classic.

Sonic 1 on Gamegear was a completely different game, so I’d go ahead and play the original Sonic as well.

That said, I voted for Pikimin because I don’t like to play old games on new hardware unless the graphics are updated.

Listen to every word in this post. Except for the Sonic CD suggestion. That’s in the Sonic Gems Collection (that also includes all the Game Gear games).

Hell, buy the Sonic collection and just play Casino Night Zone. That’s always enough to make me happy.

Uh-oh. Right now the argument for Sonic is a lot more convincing, but Pikmin is ahead in the poll.

I voted for Pikmin. Nostalgia aside, are the Sonic games really that good? I used to LOVE them and own almost every iteration. But I plugged my X’Eye in to play them last week after a long hiatus, and truth be told…they’re kind of dull and one dimensional.

Sonic 2 is in my all-time personal Top 10.

Yes. Next question. Just because the games are simple, doesn’t make them bad.

I played the first Pikmin on the Game Cube and dug it a lot. I never got into Sonic.

Personally, I would get Pikmin, but if you have never played Sonic 1, 2, or 3, I would have to recommend Sonic. All three are classics and Sonic 2 has a great two-player versus mode that I still play every year or so. Pikmin is a very interesting and unique game, but the time limits can be very annoying, so replay value can take a hit as a consequence.

<Now has Casino Night Zone music in his head>

I didn’t imply they were bad. I implied that Pikmin was more satisfying. Would you rather play Pong or Virtua Tennis? Simpler doesn’t mean that it’s some infallible timeless classic either. My tolerance for cheap-ass deaths is just not what it used to be.

The only frustrating death in Sonic that I remember is running out of air in the underwater stages.

And I’d say comparing Sonic - Pikmin to Pong - Virtua tennis is a bit of an exaggeration. Perhaps you’re just mad you died :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I’m mad that when you’re Super Sonic and you fall into a 30 story pit, you can’t get out, yet the game still makes you wait like a minute until you die. Ugh!

It’s at 10:10 right now. Anyone want to phone the Vice President and get him to cast the vote?