should i call the police?

ok so i live in the country side in a small town where i know almost everyone. and i was going to lock my car around 10:30 pm. and some guy i have never seen before walked up to me saying he wanted to buy my car and he just got out of jail. and he was visiting a friend here. he also said he wanted to take me to meet someone. i asked what street and he said he did not know. so i said no. also asked for my phone number. i did not give it. he was being very suspicious. he creeped me out. what should i do? he was walking a dog that looked a lot like a guys dog who lives in my town who i once called the cops on. do you think he sent one of his friends to me for calling the cops? what should i do?

I don’t think there’s anything actionable in the conversation as you’ve described it. However, you could call the non-emergency number (or your local station) to report the suspicious behaviour.

Sounds like trouble. Like he was trying to steal the car,
and wanted to introduce you to the friend just to earn credibility … It sounds like a confidence trick. Offer something that isn’t something valuable to you, but it sounds credible.

You can report suspicious activity to the police.
Looking into things like that are a part of their job.

If something comes of it later, there’s evidence that things were weird earlier.

Oh my.

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It’s probably too late to call the police now; the best time would have been just after your encounter with the man. It would be wise to keep an eye out for him though as he may be homeless (not sure what part of the country you reside) and he may be camping out nearby your residence.

If you see the guy again, I would try to get a good look at him (better if you can secretly take a picture) and then contact the police non-emergency line. Offer to email them the picture and tell them about your encounter. They may be blasé about it, but at least you’ll know that you have done something.

Additionally, you may want to have some motion detecting light fixtures installed around your home. They are easy to install and relatively inexpensive. They also make those possessing ill-intent very nervous as they call attention to areas where they don’t want attention to be called.

You could still report the suspicious activity. If the guy is smart, he’ll be long gone, but knowing that something is amiss could prod some more patrols into your area if there’s a pattern.

Normal people simply don’t ask to “buy” a car from a stranger at 10:30 PM…

It’s never too late to report suspicious behavior. (Unless it happen, like, a year ago.)

Definitely call the local police and tell them exactly what happened, with as many identifying details about the person as possible. You never know, it may help them solve a crime or help prevent future crimes. And if it’s nothing, so what. It’s their job to figure out what’s what, and they won’t care one way or the other if the lead turns out to be a dead end.

You willingly engaged in a conversation with this person and you want to call the police?

How about next time you say “Not interested” in a firm voice the second someone opens their mouth, then you walk away.

It’s too late due to the fact that unless the police are exceptionally busy, you’ll likely get a neutral to bored response, followed up by little or nothing being done.Most police departments are reactive , rather than proactive, meaning that the sooner you call them the more likely that they are to actually do the job for which they are paid.

I have actually had police officers ask me why I didn’t call sooner, which pissed me off as why did I bother calling at all when I know that they aren’t going to do very much with the information I’m giving them.

The OP can call if they choose to. However, after the fact reporting, in my experience, almost always means that nothing will happen.

Learn to be more wary of strangers making odd propositions.

Some dude you’ve never seen before, admitted ex-con, late at night, wants to take you somewhere? And you ask where?!? :smack:

I’d be thinking about how quickly could I lock myself safely in the car (or house, if applicable), where’s my phone to call the police, can I get my hands on a shotgun, etc. I wouldn’t for a millisecond consider going with him. “What street?” Good Lord.

So what? We the taxpayers pay their salary, so technically they work for us. And the OP’s encounter only happened last night; it’s too late to catch the miscreant in the act (which is fine since no actual crime was committed) but it may match a pattern that the police are already following in between donut breaks.

Remember, the police love nothing more than taking down a genuine criminal, especially one playing a confidence trick.

You should surround your property with this stuff, but most jurisdictions frown on adding these, so I’d skip that step. You’ll probably be safe.

If he has been in jail, it is probably virtually impossible for him to get a job or rent an apartment, so for the rest of his life, preying on people will be the only form of livelihood for him and several million other victims of “justice”. Keep calling the police to make sure he is harassed regularly.

Nah, most likely he’s a common criminal who could get a real job, but doesn’t want to. Criminals, especially con artists, usually do it for the thrill of fucking someone over, it’s never about survival.

Hate to say it, but I’ve known plenty of people like that in my past life.

Reincarnation, huh?

Where are you? If you are in Florida you would have been within your rights to shoot him.


On the other hand, Bokonon tells us that “Strange travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God.” :stuck_out_tongue: