Should I call this (potential) employer?

Last Friday I interviewed for a job. It’s a fairly small company (probably 20-30 employees). I met with the VP of Operations, the Project Manager and the Owner. I think they all liked me and it went fairly well.

Monday I got an email from the VP asking if I would be available for a technical interview over the phone with their Software Architect (SA). I emailed back and yesterday afternoon got an email from SA asking if it would be OK for him to call me at 11:00 today for the interview. Again I replied that this would be great.

It’s now 12:20, and he hasn’t called. I expect he has gotten tied up with some project or other and lost track of time, but what would be the “proper” thing for me to do?

I’m leaning toward waiting until around 1:15 or so, and then calling, but what are your thoughts?

Maybe he’s wondering why you haven’t called?

Obviously there’s miscommunication somewhere. I’d go ahead and call now.

It does you no harm whatsoever to check in – especially if you phrase it as “checking in.” You could even ask if there’s a more convenient time for your conversation. Sometimes things get crazy right before a holiday, and by calling, you’ll be demonstrating your interest in them and the position. Good luck!

No, he specifically said he would call me and verified my phone number.

I’d call, but I wouldn’t expect much in the way of good news…

Well, he finally called. He’s been under the weather today, and lost track of time. We had a good chat, and I hope things work out OK.

Dopers, keep your fingers crossed for me.


Well, that’s great. I guess I’ve had so many rotten prospective employer situations it made me unduly pessimistic.