Should I change my name?

When I first signed up on SDMB, I was in a particularly unimaginative mood, and just picked my initials as a name.

I’m bored with it.

Should I change my name to something more interesting, or just leave it as is? Does “jti” have any recognition factor to it, or should I look for something that stands out more?

All comments welcome.

Well, you could always look to the Five’s New Name thread, and look for the one’s that you like, and piss off five if they want the name you take…

hmmm, hadn’t noticed that …

Given how many of us are at least vaguely unhappy with our user names and are having trouble thinking of new ones (I’m still thinking about “Legs,” pricciar), maybe we should consider trading names with each other or taking on the names that have recently been discarded. I liked “Slythe,” myself.

I think you should change it. Change it to something snazzy like “flagerotipotipus” or “grummytumdittydo”.

Then again, it’s probably easier to just change it to “Gerry”.
Ps. Listening to me should be avoided at all costs.

jti sounds like yeti to me :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m with BornDodgy; I think you should change it to “yeti.” Or “Yeti.”

How about ilovetevya? Or tevyaisgreat?

How about Prairie Oyster?

You know what, Pipeliner? That was actually one that I was musing over. But I don’t know that I really want to be that closely associated with a bull’s balls.

Stubblejumper - similar roots, but not quite so … graphic.

Yeti, now - hadn’t thought of that.

Other things that came randomly to mind: Raffles? Rory? Piper? (See this thread.)

Why couldn’t I have been more imaginative two years ago?

“What is worn under the kilt?”

“Madam, there is nothing worn under the kilt. Everything is is perfect working order.”

Frankly, we have several three letter initialed folk here, and I’ll scramble’em up sometimes. So it might work out better in the long run if you chose a name we could focus on (or remember) more easily.

I’m not thrilled with mine, but not disappointed enough to change it (it has almost no meaning with respect to me - I like a lot of Beatles’ tunes, but I hold them in equal esteem with Patsy Cline, Zappa, Wagner and Zep).

So, I’d guess I’d say that something a bit more memorable wouldn’t hurt, but don’t fray your synapses looking for something with deep meaning. And if you keep cookies turned off, as I do, keep it fairly short (you’ll get tired of typing a long one).

I’ve always liked “Flatlander” as a description of Prairie folk, although I’ve been told that it’s actually kind of derogatory. I don’t see what’s so insulting, myself.

Well, I suppose if you say it quickly someone might think you’re calling them a “flatliner.”

I’d go with Prairie Oyster, even if only in the vain and faint hope of getting a … cult following:D.

I heartily concur. I hate to say it, but since you asked–I see that you have 1500+ posts, but I don’t really know/recognize you. Sad to say, but I definitely get to know posters with recognizeable/memorable names a lot faster than posters with names like “sdklsdcx” or “cutegirl” or “abc.”

And capitalize it, fer gosh’s sake! You’re worth it!

If you’re bored with it then change it by all means. Only the most fun, witty and creative posters change their names anyway. Just ask Persephone, Crunchy Frog, Holden MacRoyne & Czarcasm to name a few.

The poster formerly known as Mojo57= The Mermaid

Yeah, change it! I kinda like Yeti (and that way, you can join the SDMB Zoo, and have your first ice cream free at the Zoo Soda Fountain, as a courtesy of the manager [that is me, btw]). But, since I’m scatterbrained as it is, please have a “the poster formerly known as jti” in your sig for a while. Or I’ll get confused. And if I’m confused, I won’t be giving out any free ice cream.

[sup]Persephone? What was her name before that?[/sup]


Go ahead and change your name if you want! I did! Though my old name wasn’t boring I just felt in need for a change. I mean I did have the same name for awhile. Usually I change mine every month or so… sometimes less!

So, jti, have you changed your name yet?

The change can be small and still be significant.