Should I change the colour of my motorcycle?

As for the graphic logos, consider hiring a sign painter to duplicate the originals or create something more dramatic than what Yamaha gave you. I once hired a guy to paint a name on my sailboat. He did a great job, and cheaper than I thought it would be.

I say take the yellow, but then that shade of yellow is my absolute favorite color (or as close enough to satisfy me in that photo). I’ve always called that shade Screaming Yellow.

I’d like to add that the yellow in the photograph doesn’t do justice to the bike in the sunlight. I’m very familiar with this bike/paint, and it is really stunning. Funny, but I never liked the blue ones. That shade always annoyed me. Not light or dark enough. The Blandest Shade of Blue.

I agree. Go for it. That reddish zazzle won me over too and I’m rarely one for yellow but the bike looks good in it.

Maybe you could find an artist who does pinstriping that could add a little custom zing to her once you’re done with your labor of love restoration. The both of you will have earned it.

It’s called Faraway Blue, but I’ve always called it Miata Blue. Actually, I like it a lot. But I should have gotten Reddish Yellow Cocktail.

In other news, the replacement ignition switch arrived today. I’ll have to go to a motorcycle shop and see if I can make the original key fit, or have a new key made by a locksmith.

Well, I guess I’m committed.

The thief damaged (dented) the top of the gas tank. Tonight I found a newly-listed 1994 dealer take-off gas tank on eBay – in Reddish Yellow Cocktail. Given that fixing dents is expensive, I think it makes sense to change to yellow.

Good to not ignore the signs. Even if you’re going to do the repainting piecemeal, you’ll have a lovely hornet / yellow jacket theme going on.

I wasn’t even looking for a tank; just put ‘seca ii’ into the search box to see what kind of parts were being sold, and then clicked on ‘Newly Listed’. And there was this tank for $275. Not at all cheap, but a body shop would probably charge at least that much to un-dent the original tank.

I think yellow is faster.

FWIW, this is what the theft has cost me so far, including tax and shipping:

Item Cost Subtotal
Fuel tank 337.74 337.74
Fuel tank brackets 30.83 368.57
Fuel tank decals 52.85 421.42
Fuel tank locking gas cap 18.58 440.00
Ignition switch 38.40 478.40
Luggage rack 103.02 581.42
Passenger grab handles 43.24 624.66
Seca II workshop manual 16.28 640.94

The decals were a lot more expensive than I thought (conversion from Euro), and it looks like I’m not going to use them.

What kind of results so far?

So far I’m gathering parts. I’ve received the ignition switch, and need to have a key made for it. (It would be nice to have it re-keyed to the key I have, but I’m not hopeful.) I have the luggage rack and grab handles, but I’m going to wait to put those on until I get the ignition switch and the tank brackets (the rear of which holds the front of the seat) put on. The Haynes manual came yesterday.

Yesterday I tried to start it. It caught once, and then the battery died. I’ll have to get the charger out of the shed.

Someone on Nextdoor recommended a paint guy who has some excellent reviews. And he’s local. I LVM.

Glad it’s going to be yellow. I hope you post pictures as you restore it.

I have fond memories of the Seca600. When I decided to buy my first street bike, 20 years ago, the bike media mentioned the Seca as a great starter bike. Friends told me to get a beater, because I’d probably drop it in the first year. I found one that was cheap, because it had led a rough life. Its banged-up plastics rattled a lot, but it ran, turned, and stopped fine. Had a lot of fun on that bike, gained valuable experience, and never dropped it.
Then I bought a new Yamaha FZ1, and I dropped it.

I had a '79 Honda CX500 that I’d bought for $5 before the Seca II. At the time, all of the motorcycle magazines were gushing over the Seca II. Then Suzuki came out with the GSF600 Bandit in 1995 and suddenly the magazines were talking about how horrible the Seca II was and how great the Bandit was. I’m not suggesting they write articles based on who pays them, but… Payoffs.

Once I get the Seca II rideable, I’ll have to get the YZF-R1 up and running again.

What year and color is the R1 ?

An R-1 is next on my wish list. I’ve never ridden a Seca but I’m sure the magazine writers are payed off.

Maybe it’s time to chuck a turbo kit on as the bike’s apart right now… :grin: My buddy had an Interstate back in the day and took a Seca 600 turbo out for a spin and said that it was a rocket.

2002 YZF-R1, bought new in 2003. (I just went in to get new tires for the Seca!) Here it is shortly after I got it.

I’m also glad you are going for the yellow.
It’s a beautiful color, and you already had the opportunity to ride with blue for awhile.
If it were me, I would always be thinking “maybe I should have…” so now you won’t be wondering, you will be riding with that awesome yellow paint job.
The thief gave you an opportunity to switch to the other color.

Why on Earth didn’t the switch come with a key??? I was a parts manager for Yamaha and I find that incredible. You must have picked it up elsewhere? You’re gonna need a damn talented locksmith to have a key made. Good luck!

And that price on the tank actually sounds like a deal to me. I would have guessed double.