Should I circumcise my cat?

Or rather, have the procedure done at the vet? I know it’s not a common practice in North America, but it seems the procedure would result in a more healthy and well-adjusted feline. I’ve heard it will also help to alleviate disruptive and unsanitary behaviors when she comes into heat.

Has anyone done this with their cat? What kind of results did you see? Would you have it done to another cat?

Is the cat Jewish?

Are you sure you don’t mean neuter?

I really hope you mean neuter!

What’s really interesting is that apparently it’s a female cat he’s getting circumsised.

Either you mean neuter or I am really, really confused.

I am eighteen kinds of confused by the OP.

Isn’t spay the correct term for females or is neuter used for both genders now?

Fluffy, the kitty moyel. And yes, you should spay your female cat.

A-ha. I missed the pronoun.

So… the cat is African? Possibly Middle Eastern?:wink:

If it was anybody but Inigo starting the thread, I would just assume they were getting spaying and circumcising mixed up. As it is, I say no way! Don’t circumcise your kitty - isn’t kitty allowed any fun?

You can get him circumcised and declawed on the same day! Assuming you can haul your fat butt out to the SUV so you can drive the five minutes to the clinic, avoiding all the lawbreaking cyclists along the way.

Cat & smeghead, we must be careful never to end up in the same pub at the same time.

Don’t forget about the unleashed dogs, giving birth.

He’s talking about the cat coming into heat after the procedure, so I’m guessing it’s him that’s confused.

How many times?
For how long?

I didn’t see them. That breastfeeding mother was in the way.

And I couldn’t even hear anything over the din of her vibrator!

Inigo, sure, you can circumcise your cat. But I’d take your kids to the doctor for their declawing.

(Do cats even have foreskins?)

Don’t circumcise your cat! Get its nipples pierced instead. Punk kitty!

No, kitty penii* have little bristles. The penis usually retracts inside when not in use.

Also, neuter is a unisex term, spay is for females and castration is for males. But I agree with some previous posters, because the OP is Inigo, I’m pretty sure he meant what he said.

*You say penises, I say penii, tomato/tomahto, let’s call the whole thing off.

Didn’t Cecil already cover this this week? (well, in a repeat of a 1985 column, he did):