Should I cover my canoe?

I just bought a used aluminum (Alumacraft) canoe. I built a nice little cradle for it to sit in that serves the added purpose of covering my firewood rack. Now, I figure it’s a-okay for a canoe to sit upsidedown over a long Minnesota winter. Hey, snow is water, right? Or should I get some sort of tarp to protect my $300 investment?

I probably cover mine with this.

As long as it’s upside down, I would think an aluminum canoe would be OK. A fiberglass canoe should be protected from sunlight, as the UV rays would eventually damage it. You might want to make sure that it doesn’t get covered with so much snow that the weight damages it (e.g. if it’s directly under a roof overhang, it could get a whole roof’s worth of snow dumped on it).

One caveat, snow (and ice) is water that expands when cold. So if water gets into any seams, it could potentially open them up a bit when it freezes.

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