Should I cut my hair?

I’ve let my hair grow out to where it is rather long and I like this girly look. I am tempted to cut it though so that I can look gamine.

I am petite and have a round face. So, I look kind of like this without the hat: ;j

Do men really think long hair is sexier? Will short hair just make my face look fat?

I prefer long hair. Especially if you’re a brunette. In my opinion (which is what this forum’s about, right? MY opinion :)), if you have a round-type face, short hair accentutes that, and not always in a good way. A friend of mine considered the same thing, until she saw how much rounder her face would look.

My hair was almost waist-length in high school (10 years ago, gah!) and I’ve gradually shortened it over the years, let it grow to shoulder-length, then cut it again.
My face is sorta oval (no strong jaw or cheekbones here) and I look LOTS better with shorter hair. I have a similar cut to Lisa Rinna (lady with the huge lips that’s married to Hary Hamlin) and I get lots of compliments.
But the upkeep is a pain and easy old ponytails are not an option.
I love the Halle Berry look but that wouldn’t work for me!

Why dontcha maybe cut it medium length, then if u get braver hack it off…or if u want the long hair again let it grow back out : )


Well, actually I do look best with medium lenght hair, but I want it either really long for the fairy princess look or really short for a waif look.

Thanks to you and Superdude for answering!

According to an article I read the goal is to get an oval going, face and hair-wise. More pleasing to humans, you see. If your face is round, you can decrease the hair on the sides, increase on top- a pixie cut without the wisps pulled onto your cheeks, perhaps. The other way is to keep it flat (not limp, just not full) on the sides, a bit fluffy on top, but add a bit of length, cut somewhere between your chin and shoulders. A part down the middle emphasizes roundness, says the author. Since I trust my hairstylist’s judgement I let her make suggestions and I haven’t been disappointed yet, knock on wood.

oh i have to post this somewhere!
i just got a fantastic haircut, but it’s a long story, so bear with me here.

every year the medical students at my college have a ball. big dresses, sit down meal, live music the works. this year’s was on friday.
so, i book myself into Toni & Guy’s acadamy for a haircut by the students. usually 20 euros, and about all i can afford.

i arrive for my appointment only to be told that they’ve been trying to ring me and i’ve lost my slot!
point out that they have the wrong phone number in the book. they tell me to come back in half an hour, and if someone doesn’t show i can get a cut, otherwise i can make another appointment for a couple of weeks time and get a free cut.

so, totally stressed i sit and wait. finally they tell me that someone didn’t show and i get my hair cut.

it’s gone from a long, fringeless affair to a multi-layered, rock-chick thig. think chrissy hynde or the lead singer of the strokes.
sort of a mullet actually.
but it’s great.

they curled/waved/crimped the top layers for the ball, but i can wear it all straight too.

the best part is that it was free!
and the second best part is that the guy wants me to be his model for the graduation exam, which means a free cut and colour next month.
woohoo! how cool is that!

by the way i have a roundish face, and fairly fine hair, so this style might suit you too.

long is better

Shorter hair calls attention to your facial features and complexion. If you’re comfortable with those, go short. And, it’s less work, in general. [Although, I have good complexion, don’t have a chubby face and have pretty good features…I looked like a rat with short hair].

I’d try an experiment. Pin your hair up, tie it, curl it, or form it in some way to how short you’d like it. See how you like that before actually getting hacked.

Short hair will draw attention to your face, and that will make you look taller. As you are petite this will probably be a good thing (I’ve yet to meet a short person who doesn’t want to look a bit taller :stuck_out_tongue: )

But keep in mind that short hair needs to be cut every 4-5 weeks to look good, and if your hair is fine you’ll probably need to use gels and wax and stuff to set it every day - it can be quite tiresome - and it will make your hair look terrible in the morning. And a bicycle ride on a cold and misty will make your hair look FLAT!

I’ve had short hair all my life, and been growing it long for the last couple of years. To me, long hair is less work and less worry, not to forget it’s a lot cheaper. It’s not a lot less work though :slight_smile:

I’d say if you like your long hair, keep it. You can do pinnings and updos to see if you’d honestly like to have shorter hair as well, but for now I’d keep it.

And I’d have to think that having superlong hair is easier to take care of. My hair is to the bottom of the back pockets of my jeans. All I do is wash my hair at night, drip dry overnight, and brush for maybe 5 minutes tops and it’s ready to go. Even putting it up in a bun takes an extra minute or two. And I can go months and months without worrying about getting my hair cut (and I can just cut it myself too!) Contrast that to my friends who have short hair… they pay up to $100 for a frickin’ hair cut, they need to use gel or hairspray or mousse or pomades to get their hair just so, because if they don’t, the cut looks wonky. It’s much easier to have superlong hair, I think.

I have waist-length hair and I would never go back to short. I have a cowlick on the top of my head, conveniently forgotten lo these many years, which made my hair stick up most hideously when short. If you have one of those, keep it long. Long hair is more versatile, and can be pinned or braided or twisted to look short, whereas short hair can only be short. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting a hair cut every other month.

Also, if you want it long, don’t color it, because then you get into a vicious cycle of redyeing all of it regularly, which fries your ends and you’ll have to cut it off anyway.

I got myself in trouble in a thread about makeup, so hold on to your seats. If you like it long keep it long and enjoy. However, there comes a time when a woman should not wear long hair, unless she likes putting it up in a bun or something. It makes them look like they are old women trying to look young.

:frowning: [sup]I know there is a 92 year old woman on here whose husband loves her long hair, but I stand firm.[/sup]

I’m sorry for not reading any of the answering posts.

However, I don’t really like super-long hair on a woman. My cousin had it once, and when she finally cut it she looked so much better. I know this doesn’t sound right, BUT, long hair looks so 70s-ish to me. Ick.

And if it’s any consolation, I got my haircut yesterday morning.

Thanks everyone. I am thinking I’ll keep it long for awhile, if for no other reason than being too cheap to have it cut every month!

My hair was down to my waist and when I became separated from my now ex.
I decided I needed a change. I got a perm.
What a HUGE regret!!!
I , too have a round face and even though it was not short after the perm… it made it look awful , so I cut it above my shoulders. It sucked! I had to continue to cut it till all the perm was cut off.

Currently it is in the middle of my back. I am not really sure what to do with it. I am 35 and would like to look “different” or have a style… but it is long(ish) and straight and blonde. So… I have the same look as my high school pics. :sigh:

Short with a perm in the back is usually adorable and it grows out well. YMMV.

I have some friends with very long hair; one says that it’s a great economic advantage because she doesn’t have to pay to have it cut or styled. She just stands on the kitchen chair once every month or two and her husband cuts it straight across at the knees.

Whatever you’re comfortable with is the first consideration. Whatever looks good. How does your face look when your hair’s back in a ponytail? That’s a pretty close approximation to what you’ll look like with short hair.

Got Pictures?

It seems to me that the women discuss the pros and cons of short hair, while the men go for the monosyllabic “long” or “short”. I’ll try more details. Guys tend to like shoulder length or longer hair better. (At least the guys I work or hang out with, who vary from 25-50.) Take a look at super models, with the exception of Haile, I think all of them have long hair. In fact, I’ve actually heard guys express reluctance to marry - because they were afraid their woman would cut their hair! Of course, there are always exceptions, just like some women really like long hair guys and some really don’t.

From the male practical perspective being told “You’re on my hair”, when trying to cuddle or something more, grows old. New moms almost always cut their hair, for very practical reasons. I think guys have subconsciously picked up on that, and single guys looking for single women, who are not moms, go for the longer hair. Very short, and guys tend to assume you are not interested in them. I’m talking guy military length here.

Last month I cut off 15 years’ worth of long curly hair. It was very easy to manage, I cut it myself every six months or so, used a total of 2 products on it. But I got fed up with finding hairs all over the place, and forever untangling it from scarves, sweaters etc, and the static (the air is dry here in the winter). And I wondered what the back of my head felt like.

And I realized that whenever I saw a woman who cut off all her long hair, she looked amazing - I never ever thought ‘Ew, maybe that was a mistake’. So I put aside my paranoias about my potentially funny-shaped head (I have a very big head, and I’m pretty tall, so I was a bit worried about how it would look) and did the deed, not quite shaved but almost.

And I love it ! As does everyone else (I don’t think they’re lying). It feels AMAZING (especially after a shower), looks good, and I don’t even waste much time styling it, I find the messy look suits me (it helps that it’s winter and I’m always wearing woolly hats, that kind of keeps it flat so I don’t need wax). And I can’t stop rubbing the back/top of my head, it feels good on my head and is also kind of relaxing. Problems: I don’t have any idea how to style it, and I am concerned about getting it cut again - it’s costly! and I don’t have a stylist I trust (hence the reason I cut it myself all those years). And when it grows in it will look ever sillier, because it will probably get bigger and less manageable.

In conclusion: cut it, once you feel you’re ready (it took me 15 years to be ready! but I haven’t had a single moment of regret)