Should I drop the "chalupa?"

…no big issue here, but just wondering: should I drop the word “chalupa” from my user name? It occurred to me that

  1. I don’t even like chalupas particularly.
  2. Why should I be hyping Taco Bell, fer cry-eye?
  3. I’m sooo over the “poop a chalupa” jokes.

Does anyone even have an opinion? Or is this too mundane for even this board?
I’m kinda thinking about just hangin’ by the name of “poohpah.” Feedback?

No! Poopah, I’m telling you. The chalupa is the pure essence of the user name. It would be like me dropping the “gie” from my name, and being only Zog. (Or dropping the “Zog” and being only “gie.” Or like dropping the Fen from my future name- but enough about me. You shouldn’t change yours if it involves slicing something off.

“Drop the chalupa?” Bwaaahaaahaaahaaa!

Okay, nah, don’t drop it. Just “poopah” doesn’t sound anywhere near as cool, 'cause you loose that rhyme. And frankly, it’s too near to “pooper” for my tastes.

Oh no ! Please don’t do that ! How would I ever explain to anyone the the new love of my life is named Poopah ? What will our children say ?

Although I may have called you poohpah a few times, I too am fond of your full username. I think it’s cute. Drop the chalupa if you really want to, but know you’ll break my heart if you do…



Personally I think your handle has a nice ring to it, so my vote is for no change.

My 1968 Plymouth Fury play car has been dubbed “La Chalupa Grande” by a Mexican co~worker. He says it means “The Big Kayak”, nothing to do with Taco Bell. I could be spelling it wrong for the meaning though.

I dunno, but let’s not worry about that until we get some practice in their conception first…
[sub]…oh, man…I am so going to Hell for this…[/sub]