Should I drop this class?

I’m enrolled in a Weather and Climate class this semester and I’m trying to decide if I want to drop it or not. Right now I am firmly on the fence.

The subject is a little boring to me but at the same time it’s interesting. I like learning new things. The teacher is really good and passionate. I took the first midterm and I set the curve, so if I study I’m really good. My thing is, there’s math involved and I loathe math. Loathe it with a passion of stuff that’s really loathed. Oh, and I’m also insanely lazy.

I don’t need the class. I’m pretty much just farting around until the new semester shows up. All I have to do is keep my GPA high, but if I drop this class I’d get a W on my transcript.

What to do, what to do…

What’s the alternative? I assume you can’t switch to a new course at this point. So would you just be spending the time hanging out?

I say unless you’re worried the class is going to drag down your overall transcript or cut into time you need for other classwork, then stick it out. You’re in school to acquire knowledge - a little more never hurts.

Can you take it Pass/Fail if you’re that worried about your GPA? I’ve never had problems dropping classes in college, but you’re doing well in this one so far, and I don’t see the point in it.

It’s too late to take it pass/fail and if I dropped the class I’d just be hanging out in the library.

Until I got to this sentence, I was going to ask if you were in my class.
I am also taking a weather and climate class. I do not need this class. I took it because it looked fun and I can use it to fill a generic elective.

Some of it IS fun. I really enjoyed learning about how clouds formed and that whole chapter really helped me with the hydrogen bonding part of my Biology class. We haven’t had to do any math though. What kind of math are you doing?

BUT…it’s an online class and the success of an online class really depends on the classmates and the professor. My classmates don’t know how to have a discussion and my professor is nonexistent.

I’ve been debating dropping the class too. I have 6 classes and a lab this semester (19 credits) so it wont hurt me to drop the class, other than I wont get any money back at this point. I really don’t want to pay for a class I’m not getting credit for though so that’s what’s stopping me. As long as I get an A when the course is done, I think I can deal with it. If I get an A- or lower and end up dropping my GPA because of a class I didn’t need, I’m going to be very annoyed with myself.

Does having a W on the transcript hurt your GPA? I have a W on my transcript and it’s not affecting my GPA, but I withdrew a few days after Add/Drop, not after midterms.

I’d say, if the W wont hurt your GPA and if you don’t mind losing the money, then drop the class. Or don’t. I’m just full of help aren’t I? And this is why I’m still in the class. I’m incapable of making a decision.

I’ve dropped more undergraduate courses than anyone you’ve ever met. But I’m reformed, too; right now as I finish off my thesis, I’m taking second year Latin just for funsies.

So, speaking as someone with experience dropping a whole mess of courses, you don’t sound like you dislike the course enough to warrant dropping it. You need something more than, “Yeah, it’s sorta kinda boring.” No “The teacher is an asshole” or, “there’s no way I’m gonna pass this midterm.”

I think my crowning moment was when I didn’t want studying for a midterm the next morning to interfere with watching the Grey Cup, so I dropped the course. :smiley:

Could you also not drop the class and then audit it? You know, show up for class even though you won’t get a grade. I’ve had people audit in my classes before, and they don’t even always show up.