Should I go to the doctors?

Friday at work my arm started itching. I looked at it and there was what looked like a welt. I was able to stop myself from scratching my arm my punching it with my other hand until it went numb. Since then it has not itched any more. The very center feels slightly raised. There is no pain at this time.

I took a picture here

My thinking is if it doesn’t get smaller by Friday to make an appointment and if it get’s larger to make an appointment.

Uh…it looks like an ordinary mosquito bite to me, that has been scratched a bit. Is this a joke? I wouldn’t even consider going to the doctor.

No not a joke someone commented that it could be ringworm.

Does not look like ringworm to me.

IANAD, but it certainly doesn’t look like any ringworm I’ve ever seen. Like **Absolute **said, looks like a mozzie bite.

Unless it starts spreading or your arm drops off, I’d probably not bother with a doctors visit. He/she will probably just laugh at you, and the pain of ridicule will be much worse than the original malady.

Yeah, mild allergic reaction to something, probably bug bite. Try an over the counter treatment for bug bites.


It looks like some sort of bug bite to me, though I’d vote for chigger rather than mosquito. Clean well, try to refrain from scratching, apply calamine or caladryl lotion on the bite, and take Benadryl (or the generic equivalent) as directed if it starts to itch really bad.

If you get the infamous red streak o’ death, then go to the doctor’s, it’s become infected.

Watch out if it becomes a red ring. Might be a tick bite, might cause Lymes disease.

But based on the pic, I’d say ordinary musquito bite.

If you’re punching yourself to numbness to keep yourself from scratching, consider that you may need a different sort of doctor.

Dude, its a bug bite (maybe mosquito, maybe something else). Unless you are going into anaphylaxis, chill out :slight_smile:

And take it from one who knows (I feed sometimes up to 1000+ mosquitoes on my arm as part of my work), don’t try punching your arm into numbness. The best itch treatment (better than any salve or cream) is heat. Hot water, as hot as you can stand (just below the point of damage) for about 20 seconds. Depletes the histamine in the area and completely eliminates the itch for 5-8 hours.

For a single bite, I often just fill a coffee mug with hot water and press the cup onto the bite. Works a treat.

If you decide to go, I would only go to one doctor.

Benadryl Anti Itch Spray.

Yes, save the “team of doctors” approach for bee stings and up.

A doctor would not have crossed my mind.

I wouldn’t get it looked at unless it fails to get better. If it stays the same for a few days (or worsens, gets redder or bigger), you may want to get it checked out.

I only bring this up because recently, at another forum I frequent, a poster asked for medical advice for what looked like a plain old bug bite. He waited and waited to go to the doctor (for a couple of weeks), but it didn’t get any better. It turned out to be a very painful (and disgusting) abscess requiring drainage and wound care. But I would only I think this is necessary if the spot doesn’t improve over the next couple of days.

Well I am a doctor and in my medical opinion I say you have a deadly case of lupus. You have three months to live. Make the most of it.

??? Please elaborate!

I’m an entomologist who works on mosquito genetics.

Another vote for no doctor, and my guess is also chigger.

Try baking soda and water for it, if you haven’t anything else. Wait a day or two before going to the doc’s.