Should I help organize?

I am a professional house cleaner with a nice group of people that work under me. I am the owner, but my second in command is my best friend and VP of Operations. I do go into houses to clean along with the group, not every time, but certainly to keep “kicking the tires” so to speak. I usually do the quotes on the house or business, so I am the starting face of the company (eek). Along with cleaning, I do offer organization and trash or household removal. In two cases I have right now, a mother and daughter live in two separate houses and each of them are pack rats. We have cleaned the daughters house and I know that anything we do would be welcome, but every time we go, the clutter is in the way. I have offered when my group goes to clean, I am going to take the home owners hand and we are going to work together to clear out one room at a time. My time is salary, so I am not dragging the budget of the job down, but my VP thinks I am crazy and should only organize when paid for it. I think it could only help our cleaning group and I am not doing this for everyone. Any I crazy or not? Keep in mind that I do offer our services for free for those who cannot afford it by doing a monthly raffle of names submitted to me, so I am in the pay-it-forward business as well!

I can see no reason not to do it, TKOCC. You’re the owner; and it’s not as if there’s not going to be a positive pay-off for your company. Word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool.

Why not help someone when you can?