Should I keep my black sambuca in the freezer?

Or just in the fridge?

It’s 76 proof, so I can’t imagine that it would actually freeze, but its viscosity seems to increase markedly as it gets colder.

So, Dopers, vote early and vote often on this crucial matter!

It tastes a LOT better at room temperature than it does cold.

It keeps for years in a cabinet or on a shelf (not that a bottle lasts that long around my place.)

So why would you want to put it in either a fridge or a freezer, and what difference are yuo expecting. Said another way, what are you trying to accomplish?

Eh? I prefer it cold. Are there rules against that?

OK. Sorry if that sounded harsh; I was just confused.

I can’t see how you’d hurt it keeping it in either freezer or fridge, so I’d suggest keeping it where the temperature is how you like to drink it. I’d be amazed if it’d even get slushy in the freezer; thick sure, but not eneough to be a problem to pour.