Should I let my son register?

He reads the threads here (I get the last word on whether he can open them or not, although I have yet to tell him he couldn’t read a thread that he wanted to read.)

He is 13 and quite bright. My objection to him registering is quite maternal. He can be very 13 year oldish. Since he is bright, he thinks that means he knows everything. He can be obstinate and opinionated. My fear is that he will be totally bashed.

I can see it happening. I would not jump in to defend him.

Also, there is the question of whether or not this board needs any know-it-all 13 year olds posting to it.

O.K., I’ve actually made up my mind about it. I will not let him register, but I’d like to hear what the rest of you think about allowing young children to post.

In my opinion, I would not let my kids chat in a room or post on any boards until they were about 15 or 16 and even then, I would monitor everything. Even as adults I find we get taken in by the odd creep.

I think kids are very impressionable, especially in thier pre-pubescent years. So deciding against letting him on the boards was a good choice, IMHO.

I agree. Even intellectually mature 13 year olds can be impressionable. I mean, even I can still be impressionable, and I’m almost 36.

I wouldn’t see a problem with it. Though some of the topics that cross the board are ot quite 13 year old material. I sometimes that a 13 year old could probably offer as much if not more insite to a topic than some of our “patron” posters, who seem infalible in their arguments.

I think it’s a good decision to not let him register, since this place does get pretty “adult” at times, and I think your fear that he will get massacred if he acts his age is well-founded. It’s too bad the server is in such bad shape, else I’d suggest a new “SDMB Jr.” forum, since so many Dopers have kids who are very bright but not quite old enough to join the boards.

The fact that he is “impressionable” was one of the pros for letting him join and interact here. This board is wonderful in its diverse opinions and attitudes. I’m much less worried about some creepy doper enticing my son into some kind of illicit behavior than I am about the Toonami board he also likes to frequent. And that board is for children.

I have been called overprotective and too permissive on the same breath by people I know IRL. This is because I see no physical danger in the exchange of ideas, but will not let my kids leave the house alone after it gets dark.

My decision not to let him post here has more to do with him ruining the board than the other way around.

I’ve held serious debates with people since I was 12 and no, they were not about ninja turtles or anything along those lines. But then again, that’s just me.

Theres some cases where I would choose certain 13 year olds over some of the people my age or older.
Basically it all comes down to how he was raised and his mental maturity. There some poster’s here that seem to be lacking a good amount of both, but if you feel that he is capable of holding his own debate or chime in on a conversation, then I do not see the harm.

The only thing I might also add is that he not take everything here seriously, if he is not one that can let things roll off his back with ease, he will go the way of many newbies and drift away from the SDMB after some “newbie” statements or statements against his argument.

Everyone is different.

Biggirl, I saw some threads here, e.g., about anal sex or bestiality or goat fucking that I could not finish reading. All these things do occure in nature. You are the one who expressed age concern. After all, there are child pornography laws.

I hear you, Biggirl.

I think that there is a bit of a backlash, stigma, whatever you want to call it against teenage posters. Some of it is well deserved. There’s a lot of younger posters now, and I think some Dopers tend to assume that they post so much fluff, and that those who have valid contributions are rarer.

That’s just my perception.

Just a clarification. Bluish, child pornography laws are not about stopping children from reading porn. And let me also say, he and his friends have progressed passed giggling about sex. They do discuss anal sex and bestiality amongst themselves. I’m proud to say that when these discussion do start up in “the lockerroom”, my son will be the well-informed one. The one who knows the truth. I know this because both my son and daughter have complained to me about being the “sex answer man” at school. Some of the questions they have been asked astound me.

Here I go, hijacking my own thread. But these are some of the questions my children have answered around the lunch table that so astounded them, they felt the need to complain to me about it. (My daughter actually said to me once: "Don’t these kids have parents?!)

What hole does a girl pee out of?
How many holes does a boy have?
How do you know if you’ve had sex?
Not a question, but such much pure poppycock: My grandma knows a lady in South Carolina who had a half-pig, half-human baby because she was doin it with the pigs.
I was truely not worried about the sexual content here on the SDMB. And, strangely enough, my son is more interested in the curse-you-out Pit threads than the ones about sex. Which just goes to show you how children will find a way to get your goat, since I object much more to the nasty Pit threads than I do to the sex threads.

Yikes, I see your dilema.

If he were to register, would you keep the same rules about only allowing him to open threads with your permission? It might be that he wants to register so that he can have his own name and identity on the boards, and not so much because he intends to post wantonly to 100 threads per day.

If he knows everything, why would he need to look at the board? duh …another laconic post of mine.

handy, he doesn’t know everything. He just thinks he does.

delphica, the way it stands now he is a visitor on my board. If he were to register, then it would be his board too.

Yep, that’s a toughie.

In my humble opinion, most of the under-18’s do not contribute much quality material to the board. Yes, they are pleasant and cute, but they usually aren’t doing much to fight ignorance. There are some notable exceptions to the above, of course. Knowing you and Houseman, I would guess that your kid would have something of value to add.

I know what you mean when you say that if he registers, it becomes “his” board, too. But I think your parental role supersedes that.

I say let him register, but only let him use the boards supervised. If you find that it is not working out, then you can request that he be de-registered. (You might want to ask Tuba before you register him.)

What Green Bean said.

Well Green Bean, you have hit the deciding factor right on the head. I feel as if I would have to monitor him. If I think he needs that level of supervision (or any level besides my morbid nosyness. Believe me, I’d know every thread the boy posted to) then he is not ready to post for himself.

BIGGIRL: **Just a clarification. Bluish, child pornography laws are not about stopping children from reading porn./b]
Either you have to believe that I know that or you should not let you son spend time on the same MB with stupid me.
I mentioned the child pornography laws as an example of a majority age, etc. I understand the difference.
Your kids questions (exemplified by you) are shallow anatomical questions demonstrating their immaturity. I meant something different. The things that are discussed here cannot usually be answered by search engines.
Your Pit concern is more valid. And justifiably so.
I was under the impression, that you already made up your mind and answered the question in the affirmative. I tried to scare you but failed. Personally, I wouldn’t let my kids to hang out here. For the same reason I myself would not be on a teenage MB (plus for the above reasons) and because there are many (more) interesting MB (mods, more interesting for teenagers, of course).
GREAT BEAN: In my humble opinion, most of the under-18’s do not contribute much quality material to the board
Very true. Most of the over-18, including myself, neither ;).

(You might want to ask Tuba before you register him.)
AFAIK, there is an “inactive” status, “read only”. I do not know how it differs practically from the “guest” status.

Hey Blue. I made up my mind not to let him register.
And the questions were asked of my children not by my children.

If my children were so unsophisticated as to ask those types of questions, then my decision what have been much easier.

BIGGIRL: questions my children have answered…
I misread. Sorry.
I think you made the right decision. Your son might lose more than he would miss, otherwise. Better late than sorry ;).
It’s a tough job, mom.