Should I quit my job?

For the past few months, my job has been going steadily downhill. I have taken on more and more duties, and, as my workload increases, my enthusiasm for my job decreases. It shows in my work, and I have told my boss that I’m feeling overwhelmed, yet none of the duties have been taken away. I was originally just the research coordinator, but now I am also the content developer for the Web and Intranet, the proposal writer, I am rewriting our marketing materials and also providing graphic design support. With all these responsibilities, I am making more mistakes on my work, my boss is frustrated and has told me so, and I dread going to work. I dread reading my e-mail and I dread answering the phone when it rings.

But, you gotta have a job, right? Right?

Some third-party advice would be useful: should I quit this job? My boss has told me she doesn’t think I’m “right” for the position, and I don’t seem “happy.” I’ve told her that I feel I would do well in the position, but I am overwhelmed, and that I would appreciate her help in delegating some of the responsibility. In response, she said that she’d “be a crutch for a little while, but not forever.” I’m insulted by language like that, and I don’t want a crutch - I just want some of this work to be re-delegated so I can do an excellent job on less work rather than a mediocre job on too much. But the work is not going anywhere, and I’m just not doing as good a job as I should. I hate this job now.

I’ve hated it for about 7 months now. My financial situation is not horrible, and I should be able to support myself for a while; however, medical insurance is important to me, and would be expensive. But I could probably get by. I think I’ve already made my decision, but I could really, really use some confirmation. So, what do you say?

Did you get a raise when they starting piling on work above and beyond what you were hired for? If not, they’re taking advantage of you. If it were me, I’d start looking for another job immediately and quit this one. They’re taking advantage of you, and it’ll only continue, especially since your boss has already demonstrated that she’s not going to stop overloading you.

If you did get a raise along with the extra work, it might work out to keep the job until you have another one, as the company is not screwing you as badly as they could be doing.

I did get a raise last October ($2,000) when I was promoted from Administrative Assistant to Marketing to Research Coordinator. So, my meager $30,000 salary was raised to $32,000. In January of this year, I was also given the duties of Web content developer, then in February, I got production of internal newsletters, then in May I got the responsiblity of the Intranet, and last month I was assigned all external newsletters. I have not gotten a raise since then, and am getting a little ticked. Also, I can see that my work quality is suffering, so I am completely losing confidence in myself.

And when I think about the job, I occaisionally sink into completely despair and self-pity, and actually burst into tears. I feel sorry for my fiance. He keeps telling me to quit, but I don’t want him to have to support me.

Yeah, I think you should quit.

If you were an admin when you got this job, you should sign up with a good head-hunting service that focuses on admins (I know of some good ones in Chicago. Maybe they have offices in STLMO?) and that also offers temp assignments.

If you are very concerned about the insurance/support issues, I can definitely understand that. But you should put your resume together and start looking, regardless. Sometimes just looking makes you feel better by making you feel empowered to direct your life.

And, don’t get me started on how admins get all kinds of bullshit dumped on them and don’t get paid for it. Myself, I’m expected to be a desktop support specialist with no training, whatsoever. (But that would/should be a Pit rant, if only I could write something else at this point besides "frickin-frackin-frickety-frack… ")

Walk. Walk. Walk. Prepared or not, depending on your comfort level, but definitely walk. You live in a big city. There’s other admin jobs out there.

Good luck and go girl!!!

Ah, the wonderful world of downsizing. Or as clueless managers say, “rightsizing”. Amazing how work doesn’t just magically disappear just because there are fewer people to do it.

These people are taking advantage of you right and left. Your boss sounds like an idiot. She knows you’re overloaded but she isn’t giving you the slightest support while this “temporary” crunch lasts? Stupid, stupid, stupid. Sounds to me like this company is hell bent and determined to drive away good people. Not a bright thing to do if they want to survive.

My worth-a-nickel advice? Start looking for a new job immediately. Just taking positive action might make you feel a lot better. That mental shift of knowing it’s temporary can be a subversive relief. Your current job won’t improve so it sounds like the main issue is leaving under your conditions, not theirs. If nothing else, all that added responsibility has given you a hell of a resume. It’s always easier to find a job while you still have a job because it tells employers several things: 1. you had the self-discipline to seek out the best opportunity and 2. you aren’t desperate.

But no matter what, don’t let their lousy managing corrupt your head, overlyverbose. You’re skilled and respect the quality of your work. The fact that they don’t reflects on them, not you. Best of luck!

32k a year is not worth waking up every morning dreading going into the office. It sounds as though you’ve given it a go, and they suck. Find another job and run run run! Anyone with a brain will be glad to steal you from the place you work for now :slight_smile:

You guys are giving me one hell of a warm fuzzy. :smiley: Thanks for your support. I was worried about disappointing my family, but after hearing your comments and getting input from friends, I think I’ll be turning in my big note next Tuesday.

Disappointing your family?

Do they have to go in to your office every day and be miserable? I think not. I think your family probably wants you to be happy with whatever choices you make. Changing jobs is not the end of the world.

Do what’s right for yourself and your fiance. Go find a new job. (Unless your family wants to support you while you live in the lap of luxury… their disappointment or pride as it were, is completely irrelevant.)

The saga continues. Apparently someone posted a private HR event to the Intranet calendar, so people firm-wide are pissed at HR. I didn’t do it - wasn’t even in the office that day; however, HR is somehow convinced that I did. They’re extremely pissed at me. I think they’re being unreasonable, but I can’t convince them that I didn’t post this. And yesterday I got cussed out by an attorney demanding “Why the fuck did you put employee information on the Intranet?? If I gave a flying fuck about what employees did, I’d ask the fucking employee.” Oh, yeah. It’s time.

I’m here to splash a little dose of reality on all the warm and fuzzies you’ve been getting.

  1. Work sucks - EVERYONE hates their job. You will always be underpaid and overworked. The boss will always be an unreasonible moron. Your coworkers will always be idiots and assholes.

  2. Switching jobs does not gurantee that the next job will be better

  3. The job market still sucks - Are you prepared to be out of work for 6 months or more? It’s easier to get a job if you have a job.

  4. Whatever problems you have at this job, you will have the same problems at your next one - If you can’t deal with stress, deadlines, bullies, excessive work now, what makes you think you can deal with them at the next job.

  5. Maybe the problem is YOU - When I give an admin something to do, I generally want it done without any fuss or mistakes. The admins job is to make her bosses job easier, not the other way around.

My advice is that if you are going to quit anyway, you might as well push back against your boss (professionally) and see about improving your work situation.

The only reality I see in your post is that you’re a doorknob.

There’s a decided consensus in this thread that the OP is overworked and underpaid. Until your appearance, the overall response was pretty spot on. If you hate your job, that’s fine. That’s a sour apple that you choose to gag on. It doesn’t mean that the rest of the world shares your shitty outlook.

Overlyverbose: good bosses exist. They are not plentiful, but they exist. Good companies exist. You may be in for a bit of a struggle before you find your good boss and good company, but once you land a decent gig, your search and anxiety will be justified. Best of luck

While I do appreciate your opinion, I disagree with you on points 1 and 4. I’d like to address the poitns you have made:

  1. This is only the second time I’ve hated my job. For me, the people I work with are usually the reason for me to like or dislike my job. What I do at work is actually very interesting to me. Also, for the first year, I really, really liked my boss and my co-workers. I’m not sure what changed, but it has and, while I don’t hate them, I don’t feel that I can work well with them. I’m not saying it’s all their fault - I’m sure I’ve got plenty of annoying work habits; however, I’m not getting any help whatsoever, and I clearly need it.

  2. While switching jobs does not guarantee that the next will be better, there is the possibility that the next will be better. Since I can tell I don’t want to be in this job as long as I live in this town, why shouldn’t I switch jobs to find something I can live with for several years?

  3. Yes, the job market sucks; however, it is not as bad here as in other markets. Also, since I noticed things going downhill, I began a savings account just in case. So, yes, I can support myself for 6 months, probably more.

  4. While I realize that I have been whining, I strongly believe that I am a good worker. I don’t mind having stress, deadlines, bullies and excessive work; however, my co-workers and my manager do not support me. I don’t have to like everyone I work with. I know that, and I have worked extremely well with people that I would otherwise have absolutely hated. But the difference between those people and the ones I am working with now is that they have no rational explanations for a large amount of the things that anger them. If I had made a huge mistake, that’s fine. Bring on the rage. I deserve it. But if someone throws tantrums on a regular basis because and attorney’s name is listed before theirs, I don’t find that acceptable.

  5. I am not an admin. I was promoted last October to Research Coordinator, then in May to Web content developer. I realize my work needs to be perfect. If it is available for public consumption, there is no room for mistakes. However, if I am given faulty information to work from in the first place, I do not think that it is my responsibility to do the jobs of the individuals who give me that information. I get all of my info directly from the attorneys who work on the cases. I develop a story, check it for spelling, grammar and style, then have my assistant check it for the same, then forward it to the attorney and request that they check it for accuracy. If they get a detail wrong, I ask them about it, yet they still insist that it is right, who am I to believe? Should I assume that the attorney who is working on the case doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

Yes, I will concede that I am not perfect, and I have made some unsightly blunders in my time. And your suggestion about talking to my boss is a good one. However, I have spoken with her on at least three occaisions, all of which I requested be documented in my employee file. I also went to a project management seminar to improve my skills in that arena. Having worked for the past three or four months to improve this situation has not been produced any changes. I won’t say it’s not productive because at least I have demonstrated that I care enough to seek feedback and help from my boss. But the fact remains that I am not getting any of either, and I sincerely doubt that I will.

UPDATE - I just turned in my resignation an hour ago. I was planning on waiting until Tuesday, but my boss freaked out over something and came in here screaming. Fortunately, I had my letter tucked into a folder. I’m still kind of shaking. I’m proud of myself, though, because I didn’t cry, didn’t scream, just calmly gave her my letter. She quieted down and told me that she would give me an absolutely excellent reference.

You are underappreciated, overly.

Time to move on. Good luck!

Good for you, overly. Contrary to the typically obnoxious reaction from msmith, there is nothing reasonable or professional about people screaming at you. Life’s too short to put up with abuse.

Best of luck to ya.


Sorry if I don’t share your love-fest here, Princess. What’s she going to do? Quit her job every time things get too tough or some jerk looses his temper?

I hope you weren’t premature in your resignation, overlyverbose - the job market is still not strong.

But what’s done is done. Good luck in your job search.


First of all, msmith, do you think this decision was easy for me? At all? I don’t quit my job every time I decide I don’t like it or someone loses their temper. I typically have a very thick skin; however, I am not a doormat. I don’t feel that I should have to sit here at my job, calmly nodding and smiling while getting screamed at by a variety of assholes who really don’t give a shit about anyone else but themselves. I think that saying that I leave every time times are tough is a really shitty thing to say, particularly given that you don’t know a goddamn thing about me or my history here or anywhere else.

I stand firmly behind my decision to leave. I didn’t decide to do it on the spur of the moment, but spent months agonizing over it and planning so I wouldn’t spend six months to a year destitute.

Additionally, I have had several calls for interviews already, am going to one this afternoon and have several more planned next week. I am savvy enough to know that there is a very good possibility that nothing will come of them; however, the fact that I have managed to get 5 interviews after three weeks of trying definitely bolsters my confidence.

To everyone else, thank you very much for your encouragement!

I wish you the very best of luck.
I’m in some-what of a similar situation but I haven’t been able to quit yet. We really don’t have the money to fall back on and the job market seems to be especially tight down here. It is really causing problems with my personal life, so I hope and pray that something will change soon. I did get a call about a possible interview around the first of the year. And it will actually be a job using my degree. I’m currently WAYY over-qualified for my job and I think that’s why I’m hate it and am resentful of the management. That and my co-workers work harder at not doing anything than they do actual work.
Oh well.

Congrats! I’m sure things will work out for the very best! Awesome! Now I’m motivated for today! Monster here I come! LOL

Best of luck to you, Kyann22! I’m sorry you’re in a bad position. It’s hard working somewhere where you’re overqualified - it gets very boring. Also, when you know there is a better way to do something and no one listens, it’s extremely frustrating. That’s another one of the problems I have had here. Also, there are some employees who work here because they are afraid of getting fired - in my opinion, that makes someone do more poorly on their work. You’ll find something better - just keep looking. :smiley: