Should I see Ocean's 13? (no spoilers)

I liked Ocean’s 11 and violently disliked Ocean’s 12. Based on this, should I see Ocean’s 13? Yes or no answers please, unless your non-Y/N answers can be expressed with no spoilers for O-13.

Yes. Was it as good as Ocean’s 11? No. Was it much better than Ocean’s 12? Oh, by a long shot.

Yes. In tone and plot, much more similar to 11 than 12.

Yes, absolutely. I also loved 11 and hated 12 (didn’t even finish watching it, actually), and I thought 13 was awesome. If nothing else, it’s like a study in how to make every frame of a film look seductively cool.

George Clooney in a tux. What more do you need?

Ocean’s 12 had that and still managed to violently suck.

…but I still watched it all…

I loved 11 and hated 12.

I didn’t hate 13 (it was definitely a step-up from 12), but still it was just kind of stupid, I thought. It wasn’t very funny and the con/heist wasn’t all that interesting. And even though the previous movies definitely have some highly improbable/implausible plot devices, this one took that aspect to new levels of ridiculousness. My suspension of disbelief was jarred multiple times.

My advice is to wait and rent it.

I agree with Tangent. For all its complexity, the plot’s forward movement was utterly boring and linear.

12 was painfully, painfully bad.

In 13, they’re back in Vegas where they belong and the caper is interesting, but I did feel it lacked a lot of the excitement of the first film. I wouldn’t say “boring,” but I didn’t feel the rush of the first one.