should I stop my cat from drinking coffee?

Today I found the cat up to her ears in a coffee cup my husband had forgotten in the living room. She was slurping day-old black coffee. She was surprised at being caught, but she is 13 and slowing down a little. Heaven alone knows how many years she has been doing this. I am trying to prevent her from drinking any more. Is it bad for her? She is already psychotic, so there is no problem if it just makes her irritable.

Caffiene is toxic to cats. cite: Ask A Vet Online 24/7 - PetCoach Keep her away from it. I suggest perusing that site and becoming aware of other common household poisons to cats. There are some common toxins that many people are unaware are harmful.

That reference cites toxicity at 63 mg per pound, which means (if I’m interpreting this right) that a 10-lb cat could suck down about 6 cups of coffee before keeling over. Coffee probably isn’t good for a cat but I wouldn’t be rushing kitty to the vet for slurping a few leftover sips.

You’re right, but I’m definitely a paranoid kitty-mom and don’t let them near it ever.

Clearly a bit excessive, but I’ll live. Honestly, though, I’d rather just keep them away from it totally as a rule rather than let them think it’s an okay snack. Some cats will eat anything if you let them.

I assumed as much. Most of the the things she craves (Thread, developed photographs, hook-side velcro, teabags, kitchen herbs, houseplants) are kept away from her, We got rid of the old chair with hanging threads she used to paw at and chew for hours. Now she hangs out under the new chair pretending to eat imaginary threads. I can’t stop her from eating spiderwebs (and spiders), but we will try to monitor coffee cups more carefully now.