Should I wait for a lower price before buying Horizon Zero Dawn for PC?

I have been waiting for the PC release of this game for a long time and finally, it has been announced for August 7. I have about a month after that in my summer vacation(I’m a teacher), so I plan to get it.

Is $49.99 kind of high? I thought since it is 3 years old, it might go for $29 or something. I see Steam has a $5 off any purchase over $30, which brings it to $45.

I want it on August 7. Am I likely to find any kind of sale on it before release or is this likely the best offer I’ll get before then?

The regional pricing for HZD on Steam is pretty screwy. For example, it’s only 56 CAD in Canada. I think the US price will be discounted rather quickly.

Though I was surprised Sony didn’t charge full price for it.

Unfortunately for me it will need to be a much bigger sale. I was really looking forward it coming to PC, but made the mistake of eventually believing all the people who “knew” it wasn’t ever going to be ported, so I watched a enough videos to know the story by now.

I just heard it was a little bit like Breath of the Wild and I am hoping it has a nice, open-world feel.

Looks like it is optimized to run on a pretty good range of PC’s.

It’s a very good game. Nothing about it is going to blow your mind, but it does everything well. Satisfying combat, very pretty environments, and a compelling story. I never played the expansion but I know it was well received.

I dunno if you can expect a price drop before it launches but i don’t think 45 bucks is egregious for what you’re getting. It came out a few years ago but it’s still one of the best games of its console generation.

It is worth that price. One of the best games of its kind ever, IMO. And the expansion was very good too, Johnny_Bravo.

I am now definitely getting a PS5 ASAP because of the sequel.


I waited and purchased Jedi Fallen Order instead(it was $28). Looks like I made the right decision for the time being, as Horizon Zero Dawn is receiving very poor reviews for its PC port. The good news it that they are working really hard on improving it, so perhaps by Christmas or next Spring, I bet it will be fixed and I can buy a patched version for a lot less cash.

They seem like a cool company. In a patch update note, they specifically thanked a reddit user for collecting the major common problems in the game and committed to working on them.

Here is the list they said they appreciated being collected. Sounds like enough issues that I’ll wait for the game to come down in price and be repaired.