BioShock Infinite - PC or Xbox?

The semester is ending and as a reward for my hard work I want to buy this game. For the first time in a long time i have an option to buy it for either platform. I have a brand new shiny windows 7 PC I can run it on.

Please don’t run in here and tell me I am retarded for playing on the console, etc. Just give me your opinion. I like both platforms and think both have their strengths:


Can sit in the living room, far more comfy, with a 47 inch TV
Guarantee to run without fussing with it
Load times are probably long


Better graphics (but I admit this is not a high priority for me at all)
Smoother load time I am guessing
Does it work on win 7? Without any issues or finagling?
My monitor, wile large is nowhere near the TV, and my desk chair is less comfy than my armchair

Thoughts? Input? Other advantages or things I haven’t thought about? I am leaning towards the PC…as long as it runs without an issue. I just installed Dishonored, after first playing it on the xbox,and it works like a dream…that’s how I want this one to work.

Is price an issue at all? Depending if you want it right now or in a few days, there’s the winter sale coming on Steam starting 19th of December. Should drop the price to 20 bucks or less.

Closer to $10 for PC based on the Thanksgiving sale prices from GMG, Amazon and Gamefly.

I played it hassle free on Win 7 but I don’t know your system, what video card you’re using, etc. I would expect that you should run it trouble free if Dishonored ran for your trouble free.

I personally would prefer to play a first person shooter (even a plot based one like BSI) with a mouse and keyboard over a controller but, of course, you can play via controller on the PC if that’s your thing.

Aside from that, the experiences will probably be very similar. BSI was pretty “consolized” with save checkpoints, 2-gun limit, etc so mild benefits aside you’re still essentially playing a console game on your PC.

Went to check a Steam sale database and it looks like the game will be discounted to at least $20 and go to $10 if it is chosen as a daily or a flash sale. I’m lazy and only use Steam but it might of course be on sale somewhere else as well. Not sure what’s the price of the console version at this point.

I go to Cheap Shark to find prices. There are other sites that aggregate price data from Steam and other services too.

Right now it can be had for $20. It’ll likely go down to $10 if you wait for the Winter sale. That alone should solidify your decisions, IMHO.

The PC version will of course load quicker, perform better, and look better, but as mentioned gameplay and content are identical. You can also play with a gamepad or M&K. I think given that and the price difference, PC is probably the way to go. If couch is a necessity, I’d consider running an HDMI wire over to your TV. You cna also stream your game to it with something liek the Nvidia shield - but that’ll cost you $250, at least until Steam Machines arrive at some point next year.

Is it considered threadsh-tting for me to say “Neither, go play a game that’s actually good”? :stuck_out_tongue:

I felt this game was extremely overpraised.

It’s a first-person shooter. Of course you want to play it on a PC if you have any choice in the matter. A kludgy thumbstick does not a mouse equate. Says the guy who’s just started playing Max Payne 3 on an Xbox controller. On a PC. Don’t judge me, I have documented brain thingies !

That being said, from the videos and let’s plays I’ve seen of the game, it’s not necessarily a twitchy or in any way difficult FPS, so, you know. Choice is wide open. I wouldn’t expect an AAA game to have any issue whatsoever with Windows 7 per se, FWIW.

Yeah I don’t get the part asking about windows compatibility. Unless you’re running XP you don’t have to worry about that.

I bought a couple of games on Steam when I had XP that either didn’t run on 7 or were real trouble. Off the top of my head, Portal 2 still won’t run on 7, and Sacred 2 took a long time to fix. And my SO fixed it. I just don’t have time, what with working full-time and going back to school. I have very limited leisure time and I want to just get on and play.

Looks like I will be buying this one on the PC, though, so thank you all.

I understand being gun shy if you’ve had compatibility issues in the past but trying to make an old game run on a new OS (Sacred) is a little different than running a current game on a current OS – which Win7 most definitely still is.

Sacred 2 ! My, my. I thought I was the only guy still playing that game :). I think I still have a tricked out Contagion Dryad floating around somewhere.

But anyway, the main issue at play is the shift from DirectX 9 to 10/11. Windows XP and prior support up to 9. Windows Vista/7/8 are built with 11 in mind - they *can *run 9, but it’s a challenge. So older games might run into some issues.
But B:Infinite is definitely not an older game so barring the odd PC architecture problem caused by having some strange Frankenstein rigging of barely acquainted components you should be fine on that front :slight_smile:

(FWIW, Batman:Arkham Origins stubbornly refused to work on my PC on WinXP. On Win7 it’s absolutely fine - the hardware didn’t change one bit, and B:AO supports DirectX 9 on paper anyway. Also notable, the pirated version of the game worked perfectly on XP. But the Steam one wouldn’t even launch. Then I switched OS and my Steam version started launching fine. Weirdnesses abound.)

I still enjoy digging out old games for replay, you might consider that the X360 version is stuck on that console and might not be playable in a couple years, without a still-working X360 and a lot of fuss to play it (assuming it’s packed away). Steam will still work as your PC moves on in life. Plus community mods aren’t found on X360.

Well you said that your PC was shiny new and runs Win7. So combine your two options. Plug you PC (most shiny new ones display output is HDMI) into your TV (47" should have HDMI inputs) and your XBox 360 controller into you Win7 PC USB port (Both products are Microsoft and play well together, unless your controller is wireless).

Am I the only person in the world that understands that TV size is irrelevant? A 47" TV across the room gives you much less visual information than a 21" monitor right near your face. Less of your field of view is filled, your eyes have less ability to observe detail, and generally, monitors are better in every aspect of picture than TVs are. Is everyone’s ideal a 200" TV that they have to view from 3 blocks away? I don’t get it. I have no idea what people think they’re getting out of TV size when the field of view it takes up is less because it’s further away.

Is GargoyleWB a reference to the animated cartoon show?

Bigger = better, Beef.

It’s true of cars.

Here’s my other PC game deal finder website BTW:

Really good. Shows you history of prices as well. According to it BS:I has been as low as $8.47 on PC.

And 'splosions.

So long as you keep one simple rule in mind, you’ll always be just fine:

If you’re not playing games the way Beef and Kinthalis do, you’re playing them wrong and there’s something wrong with you.

You said you had a “brand new shiny Windows 7 PC”, but there are tons of “brand new shiny Windows 7 PC” being sold today that will barely run BioShock Infinite.

These are the minimum requirements:

Here are the recommended specs:

You should really check your machine against these before you make a choice.